13 Nov 2011

Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow's

I recently bought more, (yes more), mineral eyeshadow's from Etsy. These one's are from a shop called Madison Street Beauty, which I received a 50% off coupon code from just for favouriting some of their products. That had me sold, so I put in an order straight away and I am so happy with the colours I picked.
 I got the 3 pc Pink Palette which contained three 5gm jars, one each of Parisian Pink, Cherry Blossom and Carnation, for $12.99.
Parisian Pink, Cherry Blossom, Carnation
 (same order, indoors)
(same order, sunlight)
I also got the 'choose 5 for $19.99' deal. There were so many colours to pick from, but I chose Butterscotch, Seafoam, Mermaid, Redcurrent and Pink Tulip.
Butterscotch, Seafoam, Mermaid, Recurrent, Pink Tulip.
(same order, indoors)
(same order, sunlight)

Seafoam and Mermaid are absolutely beautiful colours, the only colour choice I am a bit dissapointed with is the butterscotch, not becuase their is anything wrong with it, but it is a more mustardy colour than golden like I thought it would be. I'm not sure how to wear it.
I love these eyeshadow's. They go on well and are extremely long lasting. I was a little put off at first by the fact that they were actually hard to wash off, my normal cleanser didn't remove them, I had to use coconut oil to get it all off but after reading the whole description on the shop page I now know they are made to be water, sweat and sleep proof, and photo-friendly.

They contain no: synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, chemicals, parabens, fillers, additives or talcs.  
For all of these eyeshadow's it was only $16.48 with my 50% off coupon. Such a good deal and I got them super quick.

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