23 Oct 2011

Beneficial Minerals

I recently purchased some mineral eyeshadows from a shop on Etsy called Beneficial Minerals.
The shop say's "pure natural organic vegan mineral makeup", which is what i'm looking for and Although I can't say whether they are infact organic or not, I am pretty sure they are pure because I have not had any bad reactions or irritations.

T-B, L-R: The colours I bought are: Pear Tree, Seashell, Antique Earth, Almond Biscotti, Iced Papaya,
Wine Garden, Wisteria, Delft, Moonless and Steel Dust.
The colours in sunlight.

I bought the deal where you get 10 full size eyeshadows for $15, only they are in the bags rather than containers. I thought it was a great deal and I will most probably get another lot with different colours.
The eyeshadows themselves are great, they go on well and seem to have great staying power. Some of the shades seem to be more pigmented than others, some just seem a bit too light, but all the colours are amazing and my favourite would have to be Steel Dust, black with the perfect amount of shimmer. Moonless is really great too.

Beauty Look 2

This look is not something i'd usually wear...ever, but I love the colours and wanted to try something a little more dramatic.

To start with I applied Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in Cool 4 all over my face, followed with Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder in Keiko.
Next I applied UNE Absolute Blacks Kohl Eyeliner along my upper and lower lashline and on my waterline. Then I curled my lashes and applied a layer of Larenim Mineralash Mascara in Jet Black.
I applied Beneficial Mineral Eyeshadow in Wine Garden over my lid to the socket an along my lower lashline, then I added a bit of Beneficial Mineral Eyeshadow in Wisteria  to the inner corner of my eye to brighten them a bit. I also put a little Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Dream along my Brow bone to highlight my eyes.
To finish it off, another layer of mascara and a slick of Madara Deco Lips Moonkissed Tinting Lipgloss.

4 Oct 2011

Natural Beauty Breakdown

I saw this on The Flaxen Owl and I wanted to do it aswell as it is such a cool idea, especially to see what undiscovered (to me), natural products others are using.
The Natural Beauty Breakdown is where you post all of the products you use everyday, and the dental catagory is something I just added in, only because i'm a little OCD when it comes to my teeth.

Products used in the shower
1. Organic Care Dry Moist Conditioner

Body products used out of the shower
6. Avalon Organics coQ10 Ultimate Firming Body Lotion



Dental Hygiene
19. Macro Herbal Toothpaste (from Woolworths)

So, all up I use around 21 products per day, which is alot. I didn't even realise I used that many but I don't wear makeup EVERY day so that's something I guess.

Please follow along and post your list as I would love to see it.