4 Oct 2011

Natural Beauty Breakdown

I saw this on The Flaxen Owl and I wanted to do it aswell as it is such a cool idea, especially to see what undiscovered (to me), natural products others are using.
The Natural Beauty Breakdown is where you post all of the products you use everyday, and the dental catagory is something I just added in, only because i'm a little OCD when it comes to my teeth.

Products used in the shower
1. Organic Care Dry Moist Conditioner

Body products used out of the shower
6. Avalon Organics coQ10 Ultimate Firming Body Lotion



Dental Hygiene
19. Macro Herbal Toothpaste (from Woolworths)

So, all up I use around 21 products per day, which is alot. I didn't even realise I used that many but I don't wear makeup EVERY day so that's something I guess.

Please follow along and post your list as I would love to see it.


  1. I didn't know you could buy those toothbrushes in packs, that's awesome.
    Do you like the toothpaste? I'm still trying to find one I really like.
    It was fun seeing this, you use brands I haven't heard of before :)

  2. I love the box of toothbrushes, it's so cute. (that may or may not be the main reason for me buying them) ;) I do like the macro toothpaste, it doesn't burn my mouth like a lot of other natural ones have.

  3. I have never seen that Kora brand before. Is it only available in Australia?

  4. You can only buy it in stores in Australia but the website ships worldwide. I do believe it is $30 shipping outside of AU though.

  5. Hey, new follower here :) Loving these posts! Where did you get the environmental toothbrush from as I've never heard of it before? Great idea and interesting to see what other people use daily

  6. Hi Organic Lassie, welcome and thank you for following :) I have set a click through link to the toothbrush website if you click on the wording :) I love looking at these sort's of post's too!

    1. Just found your reply, takes me a while to get round these posts lol. Thanks for the link, I think my toothbrushes are one of the last things to swap to. Look forward to reading more. Oh this is still organic lassie but I swapped to that google+ trial thing so my real name comes up now, will see how I get on with that too lol :)

    2. I'm the same with getting back to comment's i've made, sometime's I comment on so many things I just forget :)