27 Oct 2012


Last month I was sent some samples from Avitalin to try and review, Avitalin is a company I had only just come across when I recieved an email from them so I was happy to try a few of their products. 

I was sent samples of the Hydroessence Nourishing Mask, Vitality Phytocell Complex and 2 samples of the Luminizer Tinted Moisturizer.

Luminizer From the website: 'This light, moisturizing formula with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is used instead of foundation. It provides translucent coverage, reduces redness, and smoothes away imperfections. A veil of warm color with a hint of shimmering gold, it gives the skin a luminous appearance.' On application of this product, the above statement of a "translucent" product is correct, it is so sheer that it doesn't look like there is anything on the skin as far as color goes, it didn't reduce the redness on my nose and forehead, but, it did give my face a gorgeous glow, and who doesn't like to glow!? I wouldn't call this a tinted moisturizer, just a Luminizer, because that is what it seems to me and it does a great job of it, plus with an SPF of 25, you really can't complain. This would be a great product for daytime, especially in the summer months when you don't need much on.  $55. for 60ml

 Vitality Phytocell Complex. From the website: 'This luxurious complex combats chronological and environmental aging with plant derived stem cells. It works to rejuvenate skin tissue and ensure the longevity of skin cells.' As far as the aging claim goes, I cannot say 100% whether this works, as not only have I not been using it long but I also don't really have any aging signs to improve as of yet, but I can tell you that it is a nice moisturizer. On application, this feels somewhat like a gel type cream, it's thin and smoothes on easily, and it moisturizes really well. Im not sure if this would do the job for my excessively dry skin in winter, but right now, it works wonderfully.  $68 for 41.4ml

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (aloe) juice, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, Euterpe oleracea (acai berry) extract, Glycyrrhiza glabrafrom (licorice root) extract, Malus domestica (PhytoCellTec™) extract, embryonic phyto complex, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, cetyl palmitate, sorbitan palmitate,  Olea europaea (olive) oil, stearic acid, xanthan gum, Salix nigra (black willowbark) extract, fragrance (essential oils).

Hydroessence Nourishing Mask. From the website: 'This delicate, creamy mask provides instant hydration and calms irritated skin, leaving it smooth and supple.' I cannot tell you how good it is to use a mask that doesn't leave me running to the bathroom to wash it off so I can quickly moisturize. Applying this was just like applying a thick layer of moisturizer that you don't rub in, and upon drying, it felt just like moisturizer sinking into the skin too. After washing it off, my skin did feel nourished so it definitely does the job that it claims. $45 for 41.4ml

I have only listed the ingredients for the Vitality Complex as I personally emailed Marina and asked for them as they are not listed on the website. So, my only suggestion I could give this company is to add the ingredients to their website, as I received samples, I'm not sure if they are on the actual product packaging either, but personally, I don't purchase anything if I cannot find a full list of ingredients to go through first and I'm sure many people are the same, although I'm sure if you send Marina an email, she will happily send you a list of the ingredients. 

*These products were sent for my honest opinion, I was not paid for this review.

19 Oct 2012

A girl can dream...

By nature, I tend to be a big dreamer, constantly off in my own little world day dreaming about things I want to do, places I want to see, but mostly, natural beauty products I want to buy! As I am also an obsessive list maker, I wanted to share a few products that are on my Wish List. 

May Lindstrom Skin The Complete Skin Experience | Spirit Beauty Lounge 
 This goes right at the top of my list because at $380 for the set, I'll be wishing for a while, but these products sound incredible, the packaging is to die for and with names like 'The clean dirt' oil and 'The youth dew', how can you not want to try them?!

Ilia Beauty
I have been wearing the Ilia Lip Conditioner's every day since getting them, they are that good, so naturally I want to try more of the products. The next Ilia products on my list are the mascara in Nightfall, lip conditioner's in Shell Shock and In Paradise, and multi-stick in Tenderly. From a photo Sasha posted on facebook a while back, it also looks like she will be bringing out some powder's as well.

Lotus Wei Infinite Love Trio
I recently purchased the Lotus Wei Joy Juice Elixir and I am addicted to it. The effect is subtle but noticeable enough to make it a product I want to always have on hand. I put roughly 10 drops into my 500ml bottle of water and sip it throughout the day or especially when the kids are playing up and I'm feeling uptight, it seems to take the edge of of my tension making things seem not so bad. Anywho, I have read great reviews about the infinite love trio and as I'm all about the love, I am looking forward to trying this set.

 Honore Des Pres Vamp A NY
I got a sample size of this perfume and I cannot explain how incredibly delicious it is. I basically used the whole mini bottle with in a few days, as being natural, the scent doesn't last as long and I like to smell it all day, and I have had to really discipline myself into saving the last bit for my girl's night this weekend. This fragrance is so very elegant, yet fun and flirty all at once, and has quite the seductive scent to it. For anyone wishing to give natural fragrance a try, I definitely recommend starting with this one.

Jane Iredale Professional Brush Set
Lastly, but not least, this brush set really calls out to me. I know there are many eco-friendly, vegan brush sets out there, but something about the natural wood handle's makes these look so classy and attractive to my picky eyes. The Alima Pure and Everyday Mineral's brush's sing to me as well. I can already tell I will be one of those people with a gazillion cosmetic brushes taking over my beauty space.

12 Oct 2012

Current Fave's

I haven't done a favorites post in a while, so I thought I would share the products i'm loving right now. 

RMS Beauty "un"-cover up. 
Yes, again! I know that I rave on about this product a fair bit but it is still, and has been since I first purchased it, my absolute favorite concealer.  I recently purchased another in 22 to mix with 11 as my skin has lightly tanned a little and it gives the perfect combination colour. As 22 is slightly too dark, I can use it for a subtle contour.

Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner-Nobody's Baby.
Probably the best everyday lip colour I have found yet, I do wish it were more nude, but it goes with everything and makes my lips look great. 

RMS Beauty Oil.
I purchased a sample of this from Spirit Beauty Lounge and it really is a nice oil. It has a slightly nutty scent to it, and it soaks straight into my skin giving it a beautiful glow. It is also the perfect base/primer for my rms concealer.

Whole Truth Dia De Los Muertos Essential Oil Bath Bar.
I purchased this after reading the tips section on the Spirit Beauty Lounge site, as I was looking for a product that would actually help clear up the congestion on my back. I haven't been using it for more than a week but I have already noticed a difference. The smell is a bit odd, not bad, just different and I love the marbled look of the different ingredients. 

Acure Organics Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner.
I have only used the once since purchasing as I recently dyed my hair and I don't want to strip the colour quickly, but these are incredible. My hair usually goes oily and limp within a day or two of washing it, which drives me insane, but this stuff kept my hair clean for about 4 days. To me, it smells exactly like the Acure Organics Gel Cleanser. 

Hydrea London FSC Certified Professional Body Brush.
I have always been a fan of dry body brushing but I was a little lazy about it as the brush I had was made with cactus bristles and was a little too rough. I have been getting right back into it after purchasing this one, medium bristles, feels great and my skin is loving it. 

Vapour organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush in Spark.
I purchased this last year I think and it got buried in the back of my drawer until I found it recently and I have been using it a lot since. It has the perfect pink tint without being too overpowering for my light skin tone and looks great on a barely there makeup look. I will definitely be buying Tenderly soon as I adore the no makeup look with just a hint of colour. 

8 Oct 2012

Ilia Beauty

Normally when I buy a new beauty product I wait a week or so before reviewing so I can properly test it out. That is NOT the case with Ilia Beauty! 

I have had these products for 3 days and I can already tell I am going to go nuts on this brand and buy everything like I did with RMS. I purchased Two full sized lip conditioners in Dizzy and Nobody's Baby, and 4 samples: Crimson &Clover, In Paradise, I Put A Spell On You and Shell Shock. 

{Dizzy, Nobody's Baby, Crimson & Clover, In Paradise, I Put A Spell On You, Shell Shock}

I love love love Dizzy, it's not too orange but it does have that gorgeous peachy/tangerine color that I adore so it will definitely be my go to for summer. It also seems to have a faint sherbet-ish type of scent that I can't really put my finger on because it is very faint. Nobody's baby is basically the same color as my lips but slightly different. When I chose to purchase Nobody's Baby, I chose it because it is said to be a nude, which I guess it is in the sense that it looks like your lips but better, but it wasn't the type of nude I was hoping for. None the less, I love it. 

I have dodgy lips, no matter how much water I drink or whether I exfoliate them, they are constantly dry and yuck, which usually makes it hard to wear any lip colors. Even with my beloved rms lip shine in Bloom which is nourishing, I found that even that dried my lips out a bit and I had to apply lip balm underneath. Not so with these lip conditioners. They have incredible color payoff whether you apply a light slick or a few layers and the color seems to stay on for a while, plus I don't have to apply anything else to my lips which makes me very happy. 

I haven't worn the sample lip products, Yet, but I will soon. I did however try the multistick (I put a spell on you), and I loved it. I really don't think the orangy blush suits my fair skintone but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. It was easier to spread once i'd warmed it on the back of my hand first. 

I am very keen to try the new mascara's that are available for pre-order now, might be hard to choose a color though, they all look great, and I think a lipstick and the lip care products will be in that order too.


5 Oct 2012

It's Arrived!!!

I cannot explain the excitement I felt arriving home today to see that, not one, but two parcels of beauty goodies had arrived. 

I received the samples that the lovely Marina from skincare brand Avitalin had sent me to try and review, but also my, what seemed to be long awaited, Spirit Beauty Lounge order. 

I will get right onto reviewing the products from both companies once I've slathered, slicked, and swiped them over my body, but for now, some teaser pics :)