19 Oct 2012

A girl can dream...

By nature, I tend to be a big dreamer, constantly off in my own little world day dreaming about things I want to do, places I want to see, but mostly, natural beauty products I want to buy! As I am also an obsessive list maker, I wanted to share a few products that are on my Wish List. 

May Lindstrom Skin The Complete Skin Experience | Spirit Beauty Lounge 
 This goes right at the top of my list because at $380 for the set, I'll be wishing for a while, but these products sound incredible, the packaging is to die for and with names like 'The clean dirt' oil and 'The youth dew', how can you not want to try them?!

Ilia Beauty
I have been wearing the Ilia Lip Conditioner's every day since getting them, they are that good, so naturally I want to try more of the products. The next Ilia products on my list are the mascara in Nightfall, lip conditioner's in Shell Shock and In Paradise, and multi-stick in Tenderly. From a photo Sasha posted on facebook a while back, it also looks like she will be bringing out some powder's as well.

Lotus Wei Infinite Love Trio
I recently purchased the Lotus Wei Joy Juice Elixir and I am addicted to it. The effect is subtle but noticeable enough to make it a product I want to always have on hand. I put roughly 10 drops into my 500ml bottle of water and sip it throughout the day or especially when the kids are playing up and I'm feeling uptight, it seems to take the edge of of my tension making things seem not so bad. Anywho, I have read great reviews about the infinite love trio and as I'm all about the love, I am looking forward to trying this set.

 Honore Des Pres Vamp A NY
I got a sample size of this perfume and I cannot explain how incredibly delicious it is. I basically used the whole mini bottle with in a few days, as being natural, the scent doesn't last as long and I like to smell it all day, and I have had to really discipline myself into saving the last bit for my girl's night this weekend. This fragrance is so very elegant, yet fun and flirty all at once, and has quite the seductive scent to it. For anyone wishing to give natural fragrance a try, I definitely recommend starting with this one.

Jane Iredale Professional Brush Set
Lastly, but not least, this brush set really calls out to me. I know there are many eco-friendly, vegan brush sets out there, but something about the natural wood handle's makes these look so classy and attractive to my picky eyes. The Alima Pure and Everyday Mineral's brush's sing to me as well. I can already tell I will be one of those people with a gazillion cosmetic brushes taking over my beauty space.


  1. That brush set is on my wish list too! I have the Blending Brush and it's such a nice brush that I would love to have the rest of the collection!

    1. Lucky you. I haven't tried any of the brushes yet but these are at the top of my list from the great reviews i've read.

  2. I can definitely relate to this post!!

    I have on my wishlist more products from Ilia, Lotus Wei Infinite Love and Honore des Pres, too!!

    Let us know if you buy them!!!

    1. I have purchased the Infinite Love Elixir, i'm not sure what happened to it though, so I will do a quick review once i've found it and used it a few times :)

  3. This post is great! It's good to see you still going strong with your blog & showing your passion for all things natural.

    So many wonderful products, it's hard to pick =S


  4. If you want something to splurge on, I really recommend May Lindstrom skin care. I have reviewed the Clean Dirt and Problem Solver on my blog, and I love them so much :) nothing has ever cleared up my skin that fast. You can try a product or two out first.

    I also love the Vamp NY perfume, isn't it just great? Some people say the scent does not last, but every time I use it it lasts all day, especially when I spritzed it on my sleeves it lasts everytime I use (before it gets washed ofc). Such an amazing quality! The scent is also one of a kind.

    I also bought the Joy and Inspirational elixirs out of curiosity I would like to think they work, but I am so sceptic if it's just psychological thinking. They do.. have results though.

    Hope you get at least one of these products in the list ticked off :)

    1. I have been dying to try the May Lindstrom skincare line...unfortunately my bank account doesn't allow for it yet but it is absolutely at the top of my must try list.

      The Vamp NY is amazing!!! It doesn't last that long on me, or maybe I get used to the smell, but it's so worth it anyway. Stuggling to find another perfume I like better.