8 Oct 2012

Ilia Beauty

Normally when I buy a new beauty product I wait a week or so before reviewing so I can properly test it out. That is NOT the case with Ilia Beauty! 

I have had these products for 3 days and I can already tell I am going to go nuts on this brand and buy everything like I did with RMS. I purchased Two full sized lip conditioners in Dizzy and Nobody's Baby, and 4 samples: Crimson &Clover, In Paradise, I Put A Spell On You and Shell Shock. 

{Dizzy, Nobody's Baby, Crimson & Clover, In Paradise, I Put A Spell On You, Shell Shock}

I love love love Dizzy, it's not too orange but it does have that gorgeous peachy/tangerine color that I adore so it will definitely be my go to for summer. It also seems to have a faint sherbet-ish type of scent that I can't really put my finger on because it is very faint. Nobody's baby is basically the same color as my lips but slightly different. When I chose to purchase Nobody's Baby, I chose it because it is said to be a nude, which I guess it is in the sense that it looks like your lips but better, but it wasn't the type of nude I was hoping for. None the less, I love it. 

I have dodgy lips, no matter how much water I drink or whether I exfoliate them, they are constantly dry and yuck, which usually makes it hard to wear any lip colors. Even with my beloved rms lip shine in Bloom which is nourishing, I found that even that dried my lips out a bit and I had to apply lip balm underneath. Not so with these lip conditioners. They have incredible color payoff whether you apply a light slick or a few layers and the color seems to stay on for a while, plus I don't have to apply anything else to my lips which makes me very happy. 

I haven't worn the sample lip products, Yet, but I will soon. I did however try the multistick (I put a spell on you), and I loved it. I really don't think the orangy blush suits my fair skintone but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. It was easier to spread once i'd warmed it on the back of my hand first. 

I am very keen to try the new mascara's that are available for pre-order now, might be hard to choose a color though, they all look great, and I think a lipstick and the lip care products will be in that order too.



  1. The colour Dizzy looks so good on you! Do you reckon it would work on olive medium-tan skin tone?? It might look off on me.

    Oh, I also read your reviews on HoneyBee Gardens lipsticks (found them as a result of googling), how are they compared to the Ilia ones in terms of staying power and textures?

  2. Thank you. I'm not too sure, it's always worth getting a sample of the colours you aren't sure of, you might be pleasantly surprise.

    I don't use the honeybee lipsticks anymore, not that there is anything wrong with them, but the moisture, ease of application and colour are just so amazing with the Ilia products it's hard to enjoy anything else. The Ilia products do tend to leave a light stain on your lips which I actually like, means my lips look nice even once the product has worn off, but the colour left isn't necessarily always the same. From what I can remember the honeybee ones don't leave any colour after they have worn off, some are highly pigmented, some sheer. Karma especially was a hit and miss...I loved the colour, and the texture after i'd gotten rid of the waxy coating, but after a while the lipstixk started getting really hard to apply and just didn't sit well. Shame really, the best natural nude i've come accross.