25 Apr 2013

Color trends: Vampy

I have never been a big fan of dark colours, especially on the lips, but I am so in love with this 'Vampy', deep red/berry trend that is everywhere at the moment, and as the weather gets cold, it makes it even easier to pull off. Here are my top natural picks for this Winter...

This has to be my most lusted after color at the moment and is at the top of my 'must have' list. Torrid is described as a 'black orchid' color and I loved the description as much as i love the color...true vampy and absolutely gorgeous.

Described as a Blackcurrant shade, somewhat similar to Torrid but slightly lighter.


I have had my eye on this lipstick since it first came out but as I didn't think i'd have the confidence to pull off the bold lip, I decided to purchase Humble Me instead. This lipstick contains "the sultry shades of berry and burgundy blended together into this deep, rich hue". The description alone is enough to make me want it.

The nail polish version of Torrid, I think this color would suit anyone and would make any outfit look rather luxurious . 

I am yet to try any polish's from Kure Bazaar but this 'Vampy black cherry' is the one for me to start with. Stunning!

For a nice clean line on the eyes or easily smudged to take the vampy look a step further.

18 Apr 2013

Bronzed Berry Dream

Bronzed Berry Dream


Beauty product
$60 - iamnaturalstore.com.au

Ilia beauty product
$42 - iamnaturalstore.com.au

Beauty product

Ilia beauty product
$305 - iamnaturalstore.com.au

Jane Iredale

Requested Post: Ilia Beauty Swatches

As requested by Marie, just a quick post to compare Ilia Beauty's Nobody's baby, In Paradise, and Humble Me.

 {l-r: Humble Me, Nobody's Baby, In Paradise}

In Paradise: This color is more coral than it is nude, without being too in-your-face. When this wears off it does leave a coral/hot pink-ish tint behind.

Nobody's Baby: This is the best 'nude' that I have come across that doesn't leave me looking washed out as it is on the pink side rather than being peachy or brownish. A very easy to wear color that I imagine would look good on anyone. 

Humble Me: A true nude that would probably suit those with tanned skin more, on paler skin the peachy/brown tinge looks a bit harsh.

Hope this helped :)

New Launch: Ilia Beauty Lipstick Crayons

I cannot tell you how excited I am that the Ilia Beauty Lipstick Crayons are finally ready to order. I've never purchased a lipstick crayon before, mainly because natural ones aren't exactly common, but I have always admired the look of them, and the fact that they would look nice in a cup on my desk haha. Available for pre-order now, orders are due to ship the week of April 25th.

There are 6 shades to choose from: 

 Dress You Up: A rose-berry mauve.

 99 Red Balloons: A real red with a touch of blue. (Every time I read the name of this the song pops into my head haha)

 Iko Iko: A sheer bronze shimmer.

Karma Chameleon:  A fiery coral hue. (And another with a catchy song name.)

 Call Me: A youthful shade of pink with hints of sweet sixteen.

Come Undone: A quiet nude.

These Lipstick Crayons are packed with the healing oils of sesame, rose-hip and papaya, and they sound amazing. Plus, there is a color to suit everybody. I will definitely be purchasing Karma Chameleon, Dress You Up, and Come Undone (in the hopes it will be my perfect nude). What color will you choose?

13 Apr 2013

May Lindstrom Skin: The Clean Dirt

May Lindstrom Skin is one of those brands that from the moment I saw it, I had to have it, purely from the packaging. Of course, the ingredients sounded amazing and the products had great reviews, but that packaging...to die for! 
I would have loved to purchase the whole set but as my budget wouldn't allow it, I chose The Clean Dirt which is a cleanser of sorts, and it is unlike any cleanser I have ever used.

This cleanser is in powder form, you add water and it starts to fizz and bubble a little bit, then turns into this mousse type concoction. Not only can you hear the fizzing, but as soon as the product starts reacting with the water, the intoxicating smell of spices hits your nose and sets your senses tingling. 
Almost as soon as you apply this to your face, you start to feel this hot, tingling sensation, which the first time I used it, I was so worried my face would be all red and patchy once I washed it off as it did feel like it was burning a bit, but after a few uses that feeling eased to a nice warming one. 

I thought this product might be too harsh as my skin is fairly dry at the moment, which in turn makes it very sensitive, but other than the burning sensation, i've had no other issues and my skin is already looking bette, in saying that, my face does have that tight feeling afterwards so I have to be sure to moisturise well. 

As this is also a micro-dermabrasion, I can't use it everyday, otherwise my skin would most likely become dry beyond repair and breakout. Not a good look, so I alternate it every other night with a cream cleanser, which works well for me.

The solid dark glass bottle this comes in is so beautiful, especially with the gold wording and accents, my bathroom definitely looks more luxurious with this sitting on the counter and i'm sure i'll find some other use for it once its empty.

White Halloysite Clay, Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Red Alaea Sea Salt, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Bicarbonate, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root*, Rosa Centifolia (Pink Rose)*, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower*, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon)*, Myristica Fragans (Nutmeg)*, Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove)*, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric)*, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger)*, Vanilla Planifolia Bean*, Theobroma Cacao (Raw Cacao)**.
* Certified Organic
** Fair Trade Certified
If your budget allows for it and you are after a luxurious two-in-one product, I absolutely recommend this. I cannot wait to try some of the other products in the line.

9 Apr 2013

Foundation: Alima Pure and Vapour Beauty

In my last mini haul from I Am Natural Store, I purchased two new foundations, one from Alima Pure, and one from Vapour Organic Beauty.

 I had used up my samples of Vapour foundation and was basically having withdrawals from it, yep that good, so it was definitely a product I had to add to the collection. I chose the stick version over liquid for the simple reason that it is more convenient, and less likely to waste product. As for the color, 120 is pretty much spot on for my skin tone, although i easily get away with one shade darker. It blends out perfectly, doesn't make me look pasty or washed out, and is somewhat nourishing at the same time. It is on the more expensive side, and i'm not sure how long it will last with daily use, but it truly is a fantastic product and I think its worth spending more on a foundation seeing as it makes up the base of your look. Vapour also has 11 shades of foundation which means you're more likely to find one that suits you. 

$44.00 for 9.65g

I took a guess with choosing this shade based on those I had sampled in the past, and 3.5 seemed like it would be perfect. In comparison with Vapour 120, Wheat 3.5 is rather pale and more pinkish, and makes me look fairly washed out, so I only wear this when I have my Vapour foundation underneath as together, the color of this isn't so pale.
I was using HoneyBee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder in Supernatural, which was a perfect match, but I ran out and decided to give Alima Pure a try instead. The foundation itself is a great product, it blends well, the coverage is buildable, and comes in a fantastic range of shades, next time I will give Beige 4 a try I think.

$28.00 for 7.5g

8 Apr 2013

Nude Lips

I received an email asking for swatches of nobody's baby, from someone who is on the hunt for a nice nude lippy. I am still trying to find the perfect nude lippy that suits me...it's not as easy as it seems. 

I have however found a couple that range from pink-nude to brown-nude that do the job just fine for now. 

{l-r: Rms Beauty Lip2Cheek in Muse, Vapour Beauty Aura Multi-Use in Tender, Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Nobody's Baby, Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Humble Me}

Muse: In the pot this color is a muted pinky beige color, on the skin the color looks beautiful and has a shimmer to it which isn't too noticeable, it just kind of has that frosted finish you get with some lipsticks.

Tender: This is one of the most gorgeous pinks of any product I own. It's a really soft, pastel pink, which has that, almost barbie like look to it, just lighter. 

 Nobody's Baby: This has a nice dusty rose color to it, which is a really nice shade that goes with everything. The only thing with this is when it fades, it stains your lips an almost fuchsia color, which does show through when you apply more. It still looks amazing though. 

 Humble Me: I was really hoping the perfect nude with this one, but unfortunately it is on the brown side. In saying that, I still have been wearing it, I just make sure I blot really well and the brown is less obvious.

If anyone comes across any other nude lippies/tinted lip conditioners, please let me know, it is so hard to find the perfect nude for my skin tone.