18 Apr 2013

Requested Post: Ilia Beauty Swatches

As requested by Marie, just a quick post to compare Ilia Beauty's Nobody's baby, In Paradise, and Humble Me.

 {l-r: Humble Me, Nobody's Baby, In Paradise}

In Paradise: This color is more coral than it is nude, without being too in-your-face. When this wears off it does leave a coral/hot pink-ish tint behind.

Nobody's Baby: This is the best 'nude' that I have come across that doesn't leave me looking washed out as it is on the pink side rather than being peachy or brownish. A very easy to wear color that I imagine would look good on anyone. 

Humble Me: A true nude that would probably suit those with tanned skin more, on paler skin the peachy/brown tinge looks a bit harsh.

Hope this helped :)


  1. Very helpful! In Paradise looks very nice on you! xx

  2. I love In Paradise, it looks so pretty!
    But I have "darker" lips so I'm afraid if the color don't looks good on me... The only nude I have is Fanfare by Mac http://bouhdefox.blogspot.com/2013/08/jai-enfin-trouve-mon-nude.html but I want to have only natural/organics products

  3. I've been thinking about purchasing Ilia's Nobody's baby for ages but I'm now tempted by Humble me! Such a nice nude!! Very helpful post, thanks xxx

  4. thanks for this review!! It's very helpful for choosing the color! :)