9 Apr 2013

Foundation: Alima Pure and Vapour Beauty

In my last mini haul from I Am Natural Store, I purchased two new foundations, one from Alima Pure, and one from Vapour Organic Beauty.

 I had used up my samples of Vapour foundation and was basically having withdrawals from it, yep that good, so it was definitely a product I had to add to the collection. I chose the stick version over liquid for the simple reason that it is more convenient, and less likely to waste product. As for the color, 120 is pretty much spot on for my skin tone, although i easily get away with one shade darker. It blends out perfectly, doesn't make me look pasty or washed out, and is somewhat nourishing at the same time. It is on the more expensive side, and i'm not sure how long it will last with daily use, but it truly is a fantastic product and I think its worth spending more on a foundation seeing as it makes up the base of your look. Vapour also has 11 shades of foundation which means you're more likely to find one that suits you. 

$44.00 for 9.65g

I took a guess with choosing this shade based on those I had sampled in the past, and 3.5 seemed like it would be perfect. In comparison with Vapour 120, Wheat 3.5 is rather pale and more pinkish, and makes me look fairly washed out, so I only wear this when I have my Vapour foundation underneath as together, the color of this isn't so pale.
I was using HoneyBee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder in Supernatural, which was a perfect match, but I ran out and decided to give Alima Pure a try instead. The foundation itself is a great product, it blends well, the coverage is buildable, and comes in a fantastic range of shades, next time I will give Beige 4 a try I think.

$28.00 for 7.5g


  1. The Vapour stick foundation sounds gorgeous! I was thinking about purchasing it the other day but didn't, I definitely will be now!

    Gem x

  2. I am very keen to try the Vapor foundation, but I am heavily debating whether to go the liquid or stick. What would you recommend more for oily skin?

    1. To be honest, im not sure. I imagine they would both be ok, but perhaps the stick would be better suited for oily skin. Both had the same feel/effect on my dry skin.

  3. I have been torn on whether to try the Vapour foundation because of the price point. I'll eventually cave I'm sure lol. Love the Alima foundation, I have it in Warm 2 which also makes me look pale but nothing some bronzer can't fix. Xo

    1. I have tried a couple natural foundations and the Vapour ones are the best as far as liquid/cream ones go in my opinion. If you can afford them, it's worth a try, maybe try some samples first?