30 Dec 2011


I absolutely love the look of bamboo and wooden item's, something about them just makes my bathroom look so nice and natural :) Recently Bodecare had a 2 for 1 deal on their website so of course I had to buy something. I had been eyeing of the Scalp Massage Brush (centre right) for a while now so I got that and the Natural Face Brush (far right) as a free gift. I also got a suprise when I opened my parcel, a Spa Headband. This was a nice parcel to get right before christmas.

(Left to right) Bodecare Styling Brush, Body Shop Cactus Body Brush, Bodecare Wide Paddle Scalp Massage Brush, Bodecare Natural Face Brush.

Bodecare Terry Towelling Headband

The Styling brush was one of my favourites for 2011 and even though i've only had the other's for about a week, they have quickly become favourite as well.
The styling brush is made from timber with synthetic bristles and is ideal for fine or short hair, neither if which I have but it still works great. $13.75.
The scalp massage brush has a timber handle and timber bristles with ball tips, and this is amazing. The first night I had it I literally brushed my hair the while time I was watching a movie. My arm was sore but it felt so good. $19.90.
The natural face brush is made from timber and goat's hair, and it is silky soft. It is recommended you wash the brush before first use and I would definitely say do it becausehe brush has an odd smell to it before it is washed. $13.75.
The headband is made from terry towelling and has a velcro tab. This is so comfortable to wear as it has a wide band and is soft. $10.50.

The body brush is one I have had for a while now which I got from the body shop. The bristles are made from cactus so it is a really firm body brush. I wouldn't recommend this particular brush for someone just starting out body brushing  as it can be quite irritating if you are not used to it, nor would I recommend it to someone with sensitive skin. Although I have been body brushing for years, I still find this one a bit too hard but it's not unbearable. $22.95.

For someone who is starting out with body brushing I would recommend the Bodecare Flexible Dry Back Brush and the Bodecare Detox Brush, both of the have soft bristles and are ideal for beginners. I would also suggest buying the Tea Tree Spray to clean the brushes with as they need to be cleaned and air dried regularly to remove  dead skin cells and any other buildup.
For something so simple, dry body brushing has amzing benefits. besides feeling good, it leaves you feeling refreshed, removes dead skin cells, soften's your skin, improves circulation, evens out and improves skin toneand texture and is even said to help with cellulite and detoxing. Dry body brushing should always be followed by some form of hydrotherapy like a bath or shower.

The quality of the Bodecare range is outstanding and I would honestly only recommend this brand, in saying that, i'm sure there are other good brands, but I think this brand ticks all the boxes.

When you order you also get a pamphlet that explains how to brush each part of the body, what direction, how many strokes etc. so you don't have to stress about not doing it correctly.

Bodecare can also be bought through Ikigai.

26 Dec 2011

Weleda Skin Food

Like my addiction to balm's I also love to buy hand cream's. My hands get unbeleivably dry and I like to make sure I have hand cream with me everywhere I go. I actually got a free Kora Organics hand cream with an order a few months back and I fell in love with it, but my kids thought it would be hilarious to paint the couch (and themselve's, and the wall and the T.V.) with it so I won't do a review on it until I have bought another tube. I would definitely recommend it though, good stuff.

Anywho, I bought the Weleda Skin Food because I had read a good review on it somewhere and I thought that my hands deserved some extra special attention and they are thanking me for it. This stuff is incredibly thick which does take a bit of rubbing in but my hands feel like silk afterwards. I can't really describe the scent, it reminds me of freshly cut something but it does smell a bit fake, it isn't a bad smell though. I love to apply this to my hands and feet before bed because I really don't like to wake up feeling dry and this helps with that a lot.

I bought this from Love Lula, it usually cost's around $13 AUD but they have this thing where if you live outside of the European Union you can apply for a tax free account so you get a discount on everything. I ended up paying $11 AUD which you might think isn't such a big difference but every bit helps when you are doing big orders.

Water (Aqua), Lanolin, Peanut (Arachis Hypogaea) Oil, Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil, Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Beeswax (Cera Flava), Glyceryl Linoleate, Fragrance (Parfum: natural essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange) with Gum benzoin (Siam), Hydrolised Beeswax, Pansy (Viola Tricolor) Extract, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Matricaria (Chamomilla Recutita) Flower Extract, Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Flower Extract, Cholesterol

My love of Balms...

I have an absolute obsession with balm's, I can't stop buying these handy little tubs of goodness :)

The two most recent one's i've bought are Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose Balm and Balm Balm Rose Geranium Balm.

I LOVE the Figs & Rouge balm. It smells amazing, is 100% organic (certified by the Soil Association), and it makes my lips so soft. Plus the cute little tin is a bonus. I also use it on my knees and elbows and it is great. The only thing I don't like is the taste, but i'm fairly sure this balm isn't for consumption so that's no negative reflection of the product itself, and it shows that the product has no artificial flavourings/scents in it.

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parki Fruit Butter, Cera Alba, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Linalool, *Citronellol, *Limonene (Organically Produced)
* (Naturally occurring component of essential oils)

Next is the Balm Balm...balm (hehe). I like this but it's not a favourite. It is a good balm but I find that it does get a little drying sometimes, especially on days I haven't drank enough water and it is also certified by the Soil Association. The rose geranium smell is really overpowering and actually started giving me a headache the first few times I smelt it but i think i'm used to it now, or the smell is fading. Another thing with this balm is the texture has become gritty. I don't know why or how but it has little solid bits in it and although they do melt down, it does take a bit. I wouldn't say this is a bad product but I personally woudn't buy it again.

 Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Aloe Vera & Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

20 Dec 2011


I just wanted to do a real quick post on these two products that have been really good with my son's eczema, he get's it really bad and besides coconut oil soothing it, these are the only two products that have actually helped at all.
The Neways Hair and Body Wash was sent to me by my mum, who is a distributor, when I told her about my son's eczema, I can't really say if it helped heal the eczema but it certainly didn't irritate it or make it worse so I am going to keep using this product I think.
Ingrediants: Water (aqua), cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, sodium lauriminodipropionate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, polysorbate 20, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, robinia pseudoacacia flower extract, chamomilla recutita (martricaria) flower extract, sodium laurate, diacetin, citric acid, maltodextrin, algae extract, viola odorata oil, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, artemisia vulgaris extract.

The MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Balm is an amazing product, I only bought this the other day when S had a big lump that looked like a gigantic spider bite, come up on his foot. I tried a few things and nothing made any difference to it, so the guy at the local health food store gave me a tube of this to try. After just 3 applications the lump had started to soften and wasn't as inflamed  or blistering anymore, so naturally I bought it. I have also applied to dry heels and it works well on them too.
Ingrediants: Matricaria recutita (flower extract), Centella Asiatica (herb tincture), Sage Oil (dalmation), Aloe barbadensis (leaf juice).  Purified Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Emuslifying Wax, Olive Oil, Olive Squalene, Allantoin, Vitamin E.

Neways hair and Body Wash
MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Balm

2011 Favourites.

I saw this over at The Flaxen Owl and wanted to share my favourites that I have come to love since starting this blog in September.

I'll start with my favourite skincare products:
Homemade body oil (coconut oil, clary sage oil and lavender oil)



Faulding Epsom Salts (from Coles)
Deo Nat Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick (from Healthy Life)

The Fig and Rouge balm is actually a lip and skin balm, but I use it as a lip balm. It is a great product and the smell is amazing.

8 Dec 2011

Beauty start's within...

Pinned Image
Today I felt like doing a post on beauty from the inside, because we all know that if you don't eat well and look after yourself, you won't look so healthy on the outside. This is especially true for me. I have really begun to notice that if I go even one day where I don't get my two litres of water, my skin is so dry, my lips crack and my skin just looks completely dull and blemished.

I used to think that I looked fine when I was drinking everyday and eating crap but now that I have started looking after myself, I realize I didn't look so good at all.

Anyways...I just wanted to share a few tips that most people would probably know, some may not, but they are tips that have helped me tremendously.

For starters, warm water with the juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning is amazing. Not only does it  help with your morning bowel movements, which you may not beleive, actually has a lot to do with how your skin looks, it helps with bloating, and is a great morning detox. The fibre in lemon's mops up fat in the digestive tract, helps you fell full and reduces the amount of fat your body absorbs. So put it on your food also.

The most obvious is get your 2 litres of water per day. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you may not need as much, or may not feel as thirsty for it, but your body needs the right amount of water to function properly as it is around 60 - 70% water. If you don't get enough water you could suffer from headaches, loss of concentration, tiredness, and dry skin, which is not a good look. It also makes your eyes look dull.
Water is great, I know it taste's boring but I recently came accross a recipe on pinterest that is AMAZING! It is like drinking a salad and actually makes me feel as if I had just eaten one.
Fill a jug or jar with 2 litres of water, add 1 medium cucumber, peeled and sliced, 1 lemon sliced and a handful of mint leaves. Let it sit stand in the fridge overnight and voila! you have you delicious and incredibly refreshing, 2 litres of water ready for when you wake up.

Everyone knows about the fruit and veg so I won't go on about that but it is something I really struggle with, well the veg part anyway. I do love vegetables but they just don't taste as good unless prepared in some way, so I just juice them. I'm not getting the fibre I need from them in juice form but at least I am getting the vitamins and minerals so that's something. I also make sure I eat some form of lean protein everyday, usually salmon or tuna, your body needs that a lot as well.

I have already done a post on coconut oil so I don't think I need to go there again but if you struggle finding ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet, try putting it into green tea.
I aim for 3 cups of green tea daily as that is what is recommended, and I add a teaspoon of coconut oil into each cup which I read on a post on the Kora Organics Blog. It is basically like drinking oil for the first few sips but you get used to it. It's to in one, can't complain with that.

Another thing is Dry Body Brushing. I absolutely love doing this. You really can start to notice the changes after a week or two and each time I do it, I fell energised instantly. The skin is actually the largest organ in the body so you need to look after it, because it does a lot more for you that you may think :) Dry body brushing helps get rid of dead skin cells making the skin look refreshed, it helps improve circulation with helps with the metabolic process' so that is why it is beneficial to weight loss and cellulite. I love buying my Dry body brushing products from Bodecare, because it is an  Australian brand and the products are great quality.

Exercise. Something I think about constantly but really dislike doing. I am a very lazy person when it comes to exercise, I do walk everyday, I don't have my license so I guess I have to, and I am one of these people who cannot sit still and do nothing. I do spend a lot of time at the computer for my study but I try to always sit with good posture as this burns 10% more calories than when doing nothing, and I try to stand when I can as this burns more calories too but as far as actual exercise goes, I generally say tomorrow every day. I have started making more of an effort lately as summer is here and I want to feel comfortable in a bikini this year so I have been doing the workout on the Nike Training app. I am honestly so surprised this app is free, it is incredible and the workouts give me better results than I got from the gym. I also love doing yoga and pilates, when I am motivated. Yoga helps alot as I fractured my spine when I was younger and it helps strengthen my core so my back doesn't ache so much. I do try to do cardio and weight's each week as they are both essential in my opinion. It helps that I have a partner who is obssessed with working out :)

That is all I can think of for now, they are the main things I concern myself with everyday in terms of  my body and looking good, all these products I try and review are just bonus'.

For fitness inspiration and motivation I always go to pinterest. The best motivation I have found so far. Fitness Inspiration

For health reads and other similar things I go to the Kora Organics Blog.

And for interesting articles on health and nutrition I love to visit these sites:

Natural News This website has everything from cancer breakthrough's to truth's about immunisation, to health foods.
Stumble Upon Just type nutrition or health or whatever else in the search box and click stumble. I have found some amazing articles doing this.

Any questions, please ask and I will try to answer them as much as possible.

1 Dec 2011

Desert Essence and Deo Nat Reviews

The last month or so I have been using these two products and let me just say, I do not think I will ever  favour any other shampoo and conditioner or deodorant, EVER.
The Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner are the most amazing smelling products I have ever smelt, so much so that I literally wanted to squirt the whole bottles in my mouth the first time I used them. Yep, they really do smell that amazing. The shampoo has a really sweet coconut scent, and the conditioner has a more creamy scent but still really sweet.
As for how they work on my hair, I have never been happier with natural hair products. The coconut ones in particular are Nourishing For Dry Hair, and nourish they do. My hair is so soft that  I am getting those little fly away's around my hairline and normally that would bother me but I really can't complain, my hair is looking healthier than it has in a long time. I especially love using these after my coconut oil hair treatment because the coconut smell just stay's in my hair.

Water (aqua), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract*, arctium lappa (burdock) root extract*, achillea millefolium (yarrow) extract*, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract*, foeniculum vulgare (fennel) seed extract*, sambucus nigra (black elderberry) flower extract*, aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, sodium coco-sulfate (coconut derived), decyl glucoside (coconut and corn derived), propanediol (corn derived), coco-glucoside (coconut derived), butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, coco nucifera (coconut) oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil*, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil*, dehydroacetic acid, glycerin, hydrogenated coco-glycerides (coconut derived), sodium chloride, potassium sorbate (fruit derived), lauryl glucoside (plant derived), benzyl alcohol, citric acid, stearyl citrate (vegetable derived), fragrance (parfum).
*Certified organic
100% vegan, wheat & gluten free
No: Parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, silicones, EDTA, glycol, or petroleum-based ingredients.
Cruelty free and biodegradable: No animal testing of raw materials or finished product. No phosphates.

Water (aqua), olea europaea (olive) leaf extract*, urtica dioica (nettle) leaf extract*, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract*, cetearyl alcohol (coconut derived), behentrimonium methosulfate, coco nucifera (coconut) oil* butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut derived), dehydroacetic acid, cetrimonium chloride, benzyl alcohol, glycerin, potassium, sorbate (fruit derived), citric acid, fragrance (parfum).
*Certified organic
100% vegan, wheat & gluten free
No: Parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, silicones, EDTA, glycol, or petroleum-based ingredients.
Cruelty free and biodegradable: No animal testing of raw materials or finished product. No phosphates.

Deo Nat Natural Crystal Deodorant
 This deodaorant has only one ingrediant and that is 100% natural mineral salts.

* No perfumes, preservatives or alcohol,
* Kills odour producing bacteria
* Non-allergenic - will not sting or irritate
* Does not stain clothing
* Does not clog pores, is not absorbed through skin,
* last's up to one year.

I like this deodorant because it is just salt. No scent's or anything else that could get annoying, it doesn't completely stop me from sweating, but, the only time I do sweat is when im walking and the temperature is in the 30's, even still, my sweat doesn't smell bad, it doesn't smell like anything at all. 

I bought this from my local Healthy Life and it cost $8.95. 

16 Nov 2011

Out with the old, in with the new...

I have been on a mission for a while now to get rid of all my old chemical-laden nail polishe's and replace them with more eco-friendly and 3-free version's. I fell in love with Priti NYC first because they have a massive range of colours, think every shade you could want and more, the bottles are cute, and because  Kim DÁmato, the founder, was one of the first to create non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish's.
Of course, the non-toxic nail polish's are double, sometime's triple the price of the regular ones but some believe it is worth it, I do. It just means that I no longer buy nail polish for the hell of it just because they are cheap, which is probably a really good thing because I have a gazillion that i've worn only once.
More and more eco nail polish brands are popping up so it is now even easier to make the switch. The most popluar are brands like Priti, Zoya, OPI, and newer one's like Butter London and Scotch Natural's. But after looking around I found this page, which is a few years old, that list's all the 3- (Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Toluene)-free polish brands plus brands that go further and cut out other things like Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor and Ethyl Acetate.

Here is the link: Check Your Ingrediants.

I you're main concern is that your polish's are 3-free then the list is perfect for you, but I am also concerned with company ethics. I like Priti because Kim D'Amato supports organic farmers and the products are all vegan and animal cruelty free. I am not vegan but I do not in any way support using animals as test subjects, I find it appauling, so this brand tick's all the boxes for me. I know some people are concerned that 3-free nail polish's won't last as long and in some case's this is true, the first time I wore Priti polish it lasted about 5 days before it chipped but the second time it started chipping after about 1 day. I think it depends on how you apply it and whether or not you use a base/top coat.

Butter London, OPI, Scotch Natural's and Zoya are also vegan and cruelty free. I'm not 100% about the other's but i'm sure you easily find out from google.

As far as getting rid of old nail polish, I usually give them to people who are happy to use them because I know you can't just chuck them in the bin because nail polish is considered hazardous and should be recycled the same way other paint item's are. But I recently read another way to get rid of them, by tipping out all of the unused nail polish onto a piece of newspaper or cardboard, sit it outside till it dries (which, if I'm correct, I think helps all the nastie's to evaporate sort of), then once its dry chuck it in the bin. That way it won't seep into the ground as it would when wet. Obviously it is going to be bad for the environment as it still ends up in landfill, but it is better than nothing. The old bottles can go in the recylce bin once cleaned out which I do by putting some polish remover in the bottle, swishing it around and tipping that out to dry on the paper also.

A few brands have now brought out eco-friendly polish removers too which is great i think, I never could handle the smell of the chemical ones (instant headache). I use the Priti Polish Remover because it doesn't smell bad, almost too sweat if anything, and it absolutely doesn't dry out my nail's and the skin around them. And a glass nail file is always a more eco-friendly option too.

I think you can find OPI and Zoya polish's at most Myer and David Jones stores.

Butter London can be bought online at:
Honey Honey
Adore Beauty

Scotch Natural's can be bought online at:
Green Chickadee
Bathing Beauty

Priti can be bought online at:
Priti NYC
Finger's and Toe's

13 Nov 2011

Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow's

I recently bought more, (yes more), mineral eyeshadow's from Etsy. These one's are from a shop called Madison Street Beauty, which I received a 50% off coupon code from just for favouriting some of their products. That had me sold, so I put in an order straight away and I am so happy with the colours I picked.
 I got the 3 pc Pink Palette which contained three 5gm jars, one each of Parisian Pink, Cherry Blossom and Carnation, for $12.99.
Parisian Pink, Cherry Blossom, Carnation
 (same order, indoors)
(same order, sunlight)
I also got the 'choose 5 for $19.99' deal. There were so many colours to pick from, but I chose Butterscotch, Seafoam, Mermaid, Redcurrent and Pink Tulip.
Butterscotch, Seafoam, Mermaid, Recurrent, Pink Tulip.
(same order, indoors)
(same order, sunlight)

Seafoam and Mermaid are absolutely beautiful colours, the only colour choice I am a bit dissapointed with is the butterscotch, not becuase their is anything wrong with it, but it is a more mustardy colour than golden like I thought it would be. I'm not sure how to wear it.
I love these eyeshadow's. They go on well and are extremely long lasting. I was a little put off at first by the fact that they were actually hard to wash off, my normal cleanser didn't remove them, I had to use coconut oil to get it all off but after reading the whole description on the shop page I now know they are made to be water, sweat and sleep proof, and photo-friendly.

They contain no: synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, chemicals, parabens, fillers, additives or talcs.  
For all of these eyeshadow's it was only $16.48 with my 50% off coupon. Such a good deal and I got them super quick.

23 Oct 2011

Beneficial Minerals

I recently purchased some mineral eyeshadows from a shop on Etsy called Beneficial Minerals.
The shop say's "pure natural organic vegan mineral makeup", which is what i'm looking for and Although I can't say whether they are infact organic or not, I am pretty sure they are pure because I have not had any bad reactions or irritations.

T-B, L-R: The colours I bought are: Pear Tree, Seashell, Antique Earth, Almond Biscotti, Iced Papaya,
Wine Garden, Wisteria, Delft, Moonless and Steel Dust.
The colours in sunlight.

I bought the deal where you get 10 full size eyeshadows for $15, only they are in the bags rather than containers. I thought it was a great deal and I will most probably get another lot with different colours.
The eyeshadows themselves are great, they go on well and seem to have great staying power. Some of the shades seem to be more pigmented than others, some just seem a bit too light, but all the colours are amazing and my favourite would have to be Steel Dust, black with the perfect amount of shimmer. Moonless is really great too.

Beauty Look 2

This look is not something i'd usually wear...ever, but I love the colours and wanted to try something a little more dramatic.

To start with I applied Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in Cool 4 all over my face, followed with Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder in Keiko.
Next I applied UNE Absolute Blacks Kohl Eyeliner along my upper and lower lashline and on my waterline. Then I curled my lashes and applied a layer of Larenim Mineralash Mascara in Jet Black.
I applied Beneficial Mineral Eyeshadow in Wine Garden over my lid to the socket an along my lower lashline, then I added a bit of Beneficial Mineral Eyeshadow in Wisteria  to the inner corner of my eye to brighten them a bit. I also put a little Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Dream along my Brow bone to highlight my eyes.
To finish it off, another layer of mascara and a slick of Madara Deco Lips Moonkissed Tinting Lipgloss.

4 Oct 2011

Natural Beauty Breakdown

I saw this on The Flaxen Owl and I wanted to do it aswell as it is such a cool idea, especially to see what undiscovered (to me), natural products others are using.
The Natural Beauty Breakdown is where you post all of the products you use everyday, and the dental catagory is something I just added in, only because i'm a little OCD when it comes to my teeth.

Products used in the shower
1. Organic Care Dry Moist Conditioner

Body products used out of the shower
6. Avalon Organics coQ10 Ultimate Firming Body Lotion



Dental Hygiene
19. Macro Herbal Toothpaste (from Woolworths)

So, all up I use around 21 products per day, which is alot. I didn't even realise I used that many but I don't wear makeup EVERY day so that's something I guess.

Please follow along and post your list as I would love to see it.

26 Sep 2011

Weleda and Avalon Organics

A couple of weeks ago I purchased A LOT of stuff from iherb.com so I will be doing reviews on those products in the coming weeks but today I wanted to review these two. They are the coQ10 Firming Body Lotion from Avalon Organics and the Wild Rose Deodorant from Weleda.

The coQ10 Firming Body Lotion is great, I had seen this online about a year ago but couldn't find it in any stores here so i'm really glad iherb stock it, because when I was pregant I got a bit lazy with moisturizing to keep my skin supple and now im paying for it. As I said, I only got this a couple of weeks ago but I can already see the difference, nothing major, but noticable. I think in a few more weeks i'll update to let you know if there is any change. Like any firming lotion though, you can't be lazy and expect it to do all the work, so with light exercise it should give good results, but again i'll update in a few weeks.
Cost: $11.23
 Ingrediants: Organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower(1), chamomilla recutita (chamomile) flower(1), camellia sinensis (white tea) leaf(2) and organic arnica montana flower(3) extracts (aqueous), glyceryl stearate SE, vegetable glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, stearic acid, sorbitol, sorbitan stearate, algae extract, phenoxyethanol, tocopherol (vitamin E), ubiquinone (CoQ10), organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil(2), citric acid, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), persea gratissima (avocado) oil, polysorbate 20, centella asiatica (gotu kola) and echinacea purpurea extracts, sodium carbomer, sodium hyaluronate, chlorella vulgaris (algae) extract, biosaccharide gum, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond), rose canina (rose hip) seed and borago officinalis (borage) oils, ethylhexylglycerin, organic citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil(2) and other essential oils.
(1) Certified by Oregon Tilth
(2) Certified by Quality Assurance International
(3) Certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems
100% vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing. Paraben free. EU Cosmetics Directive Compliant.

The Wild Rose Deodorant is a hit and miss with me. Obviously it's not an antiperspirant so it doesn't stop you sweating but it does make your sweat smell like wild rose haha, so it the sense what it's meant for it is a good product but i personally don't really like the smell that much. It's not a bad smell, just an antiquish (if that's a word) sort of smell, it reminds me of something my nana would wear. I do use it though, the smell isn't overpowering but it's there. I think maybe I will try another scent next time as I do like this deodorant and the fact that  it doesn't sting my underarms if I have just shaved is another reason I like it.
Cost: $11.24
Ingrediants: Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum)* Limonene*, Linalool*, Citronellol*, Benzyl Alcohol*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylat*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*, Rosa Moschata Leaf Extract, Rose Damascena Extract, Glycerin, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate. *from natural essential oils

If you have never made a purchase from iherb.com before, use the coupon code EYE455 at the checkout to recieve $5 off your first order.

21 Sep 2011

Bach's Rescue Energy Natural Fatigue Remedy

I just wanted to do a quick review on the Bach's Rescue Energy because I thought it might be handy for anyone who is, like I was,  curious about the taste.So...it taste's horrible. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this stuff had me gagging. In saying that though, i'm not a big alcohol person and this product in particular is 27% alcohol.

On another note, this product really does work. With 2 kids, 1 of which generally wakes up a gazillion times a night, I never have energy in the mornings and since I started taking this I feel a lot more alert and willing to do the usual chores.
Cost: $16.10 (from iherb.com)
It is 100% natural, stimulant-free and caffeine-free.

If you've never shopped at iherb.com before, use the coupon code EYE455 at the checkout to recieve $5 off your first order.

20 Sep 2011

Beauty Look 1

 This is an everyday casual look, although a bit more dressed up than usual for me :)

Kora Organics Tinted Day care Cream all over my face.
RMS Beauty "un" cover-up under my eyes.
 Mineral Fusion Eyeshadow Trio in Diversity. The skin tone all over my lid up to the brow bone, the light pink over my lid to the crease, then the deep colour in the crease.
Couleur Caramel Mascara for Long Lashes in Brown.
RMS Beauty lip2cheek in Smile on my cheeks.
RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Bloom on my lips.

I'm generally a tinted moisturiser and lip gloss kind of girl but I really liked this look. Not too done up but some nice colour. Im thinking I might do something a bit more extravagent next???

19 Sep 2011

Couleur Caramel

Today I got my parcel of goodies from Inspired Wellbeing and I am really happy with my purchases.
I ordered a few products from Couleur Caramel which is a brand i hadn't previously tried, but a little birdy told me their masscara was amazing so I thought i'd give it a go.
Let me just say it is amazing. I have the most sensitive eyes, to the point where I dont wear mascara usually because I end up blinking furiously from the irritation, but this is amazing. My eyes are not irritated in the least bit and it doesn't go all clumpy and yuck.

I chose the mascara for long eyelashes in brown and it looks great. I was blessed with naturally long eyelashes but with this mascara on they just look, well almost false. The brush it comes with is incredible, it seperates your lashes and evenly coats them all. This is definitely a product I will continue to buy.
I also got three eye and lip pencils in the colours chocolate brown, white and pink.
Like the mascara, these pencils are completely non-irritating to my eyes and the colours and so vivid which is a really nice change. They are creamy too, not dry and annoying to put on. The first time I went to use it I did need to twirl it over my skin though, i'm not sure if the pencil needed to be warmed so to speak to start working, but it was almost as though it had a layer that needed to be wiped off first. Anyways, now, it goes on beautifully straight away with a nice rich colour. It seems to stay put also.

The pencil's were $5.65 each and the mascara was $8.93. great prices for amazing products.  

Ingrediants (pencils): Hydrogenated palm oil - hydrogenated coco glycerides - cetyl laureate - cera alba (beeswax) - tocopheryl acetate - butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit allantoin [+/-may contain : ci77891(titanium dioxide) -ci 77491(red iron oxide) - ci 77492(yellow iron oxide) - ci 77499(black iron oxide) - ci 77718(talc) ci75470(carmine) - ci 77742(manganese violet).
Ingrediants (mascara): Aqua (water) glycerin - acacia senegal gum - stearic acid cera alba (beeswax) copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax sucrose acetate isobutyrate euphorbia cerifera (candellila) wax magnesium aluminum silicate glyceryl stearate - butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit sodium hydroxide* - tocopheryl acetate benzyl alcohol* - sodium hydrowymethylglycinate* - citric acid parfum (fragrance) [+/- may contain: ci77510(ferric ferrocyanide) ci 77491 (red iron oxide) ci77492 (yellow iron oxide) ci77499( black iron oxide) ci77007( ultramarine) ci75470 (carmine)*synthetic origin products.

14 Sep 2011

Coconut Oil

I am crazy for coconut oil! It has so many amazing uses and is so god for you that a person could get away with not buying any beauty products again and only use coconut oil. But seriously, what girl would want to stop buying products? Not me thats for sure!

Coconut oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.
Coconut oil is easily digested.
Coconut oil can be used to treat fungal infections.
Coconut oil can be used instead of other oils for cooking and in baking.
Coconut oil is an amazing moisturiser.
Coconut oil is the best treatment for hair (in my opinion).
The best reason to consume coconut oil is it can  help to speed up metabolism.

The list goes on but I have personally used it as a hair treatment, a cleanser, a moisturiser,  massage oil, it was the only thing that cleared up my sons horrible nappy rash,  I use it to cook my meat in, and I always add it to cakes as a substitute to other oils or butter.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

 My hair has been so disgusting lately, dry scalp and dandruff but oily at the same time. So yesterday I applied a a coconut oil treatmnt to my hair and left it in all day then washed it out before bed. When I woke up this morning my hair feels better than ever, and it looks shiny too.

For those of you who have never done it, just melt some coconut oil (organic if possible, and not in a microwave), then apply to dry hair. First rub it into your whole scalp and give it a little massage then apply it to your ends. Don't apply it to your whole hair as it will not wash out properly, then wrap in a warm towel for a few hours, or overnight. You don't have to wrap a towel around our hair if you don't want to, the warmth just helps the oil to penetrate your scalp better.
When it comes time to wash it out, apply shampoo first before water, but if, like me, you forget that bit, just shampoo twice, then condition and Voila! Beautiful shiny soft hair.

I have read somewhere that regularly massaging coconut oil into your hair can help ensure against lice but í'm not sure how accurate that is. I've also heard of people adding a little to wet ends only after shampooing as a leave in treatment but ive personally never done this.

I would suggest doing this weekly if you have a real problem scalp. When my dandruff is bad I also mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil into the coconut oil before i put it in my hair, as rosemary oil is said to be great for dandruff and it seems to help my hair.

Rosemary is said to be good for all hair types and general hair care, even loss of hair.
Lavender is also said to be good for all hair types and general hair care.

I feel that I should mention, I am not a certified herbalist or aromatherapist, this is just things that I have learnt along the way from books and trial and error. Always be careful when using essential oils as reaction may occur. Always try to use organic oils as i've noticed that sometimes non-organic oils smell different and i'm not sure if this changes the effectiveness or not but organic ones smell nicer :)

rms beauty

When I got my tax back this year I went a little crazy and bought a lot of natural skincare and makeup products. Some of which were the brand rms beauty. I won't be posting photo's of what the products look like on my face at the moment because im detoxing and my skin looks horrible, but when it looks nice again I will.
I absolutely love these products, although while the weather is cold the lip2cheek's are a bit annoying to apply because they are solid, other than that they are great. A list of all the ingrediants is found on the website. The products are organic but not certified I believe, and the only one to contain anything artificial is the lip2cheek in smile which is the colouring.

(L-R) Living Illuminizer, cream eyeshadow in Solar, cream eyeshadow in Magnetic, cream eyeshadow in Seduce and "un" cover-up in 11.
The "un" cover-up doesn't actually look like that once it's rubbed in, I just wanted to show what it looks like.

(L-R) Lip shine in Bloom, lip shine in Moment, lip2cheek in Smile, lip2cheek in Modest and lip2cheek in Muse.
The lip 2 cheeks are lip gloss and blush which is handy and I actually use Muse as an eyeshadow aswell becuase it's such a nice beige/nude colour. 

The entire range can be bought from:

The main ingrediant in all of the products is coconut oil which is sbsolutely amazing for skin so these products are good for my sensitive skin  and the eye shadows do not irritate my eyes at all which is a miracle. 

If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask, I'm always happy to answer any questions :)

12 Sep 2011

Kora Organics Tinted Day Care Cream

I absolutely LOVE this product. It doesn't dry out my skin at all which I love because I have very dry skin normally, and it stays on and looking great all day. I do have to mix it with moisturiser though, as it's too dark for my fair skin but I would mix it either way because it is fairly thick and does tend to stick to the skin before you get to spread it evenly. It makes my skin look even-toned and flawless, and since buying this I have not worn foundation once because this does the job perfectly. If you don't mind spending $60 on tinted moisturiser I would recommend trying this. You can buy the range, which consists of 21 products, from the website koraorganics.com, from David Jones stores and now from Terry White Chemists.

Cost: $59.95 (50ml)

Pros: It is moisturising and makes skin look amazing, it doesn't cake over spots, and, it is certified organic.

Cons: I've found that it needs to be mixed with moisturizer to spread well and it is on the pricier side.

Ingrediants: Aqueous Extract of Camellia sinensis (Green Tea*), Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile)*, Rosa centifolia (Rose)*, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)*, Olea europea (Olive) Leaf*, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera)*, Morinda citrifolia (Noni Fruit)*, Glycerin, Macadamia integrifolia (Macadamia) Seed Oil*, Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid, Olivoyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Oleate, Glyceryl Stearate, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, CI 77891, Silica, Hydrated Silica, Glyceryl Caprylate, CI 77491, CI77492, CI 77499, Rosa eglanteria (Rose Hip) Oil*, d-alpha Tocopherol (Soyabean derived Natural Vitamin E), Benzyl Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, CI 77288, Santalum spicatum (Sandalwood) Oil*, Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood) Oil*, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C), Lecithin (GMO free)*, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sodium Hyalonurate, Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), Olea europea (Olive) Oil, Sodium chloride (Macrobiotic Sea Salt), Lactic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Aqua (Water). **From essential oils. *Ingredient from Organic Farming.

*EDIT*: I recently read on the Kora Organics blog that the reason for the change in size of this product is because it has been reformulated to a more moussey type product which goes on easier so you need less. This makes a lot of sense and is a good change I think. In saying that though, I still use the original version and as I do have to mix mine with moisturiser to get the right colour, it seem's to be lasting forever. I have had mine for four months now and the tube still feel's full. I'm worried it will go off before I use it all .