20 Dec 2011

2011 Favourites.

I saw this over at The Flaxen Owl and wanted to share my favourites that I have come to love since starting this blog in September.

I'll start with my favourite skincare products:
Homemade body oil (coconut oil, clary sage oil and lavender oil)



Faulding Epsom Salts (from Coles)
Deo Nat Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick (from Healthy Life)

The Fig and Rouge balm is actually a lip and skin balm, but I use it as a lip balm. It is a great product and the smell is amazing.


  1. Lovely post!
    There's a lot of stuff there that I haven't tried.
    I just ordered a couple of the Figs and Rouge Balms.
    Where did you buy the Josie Maran palette?

  2. Thank you. I am going to buy a few more of the balms soon, they are really good. I got the palette from eBay as no one ships them to Australia, I am doing a review on it at the moment but my computer is being silly so it should be up tomorrow.

  3. ah ebay! Didn't even think of that.
    It's so annoying when some brands are pretty much impossible to get shipped here.
    We need to get that fixed!

  4. Yes, it is very annoying, and the price jump is usually ridiculously high too. Something should definitely be done :)

  5. What a nice collection!I wanna make a post like this but I'm still in collecting process,it really needs huge change from skincare to make up so when all are completed,i'll make this kind of post.
    Are you going to make a review about that fig & rouge balms?i'd like to know about the balm. Anyway,just wondering..why some webstores don't ship to australia nor indonesia?Are we that"outcast"?drugstore doesn't ship here and i have to get my stuffs through 3rd party..

  6. Thank you :) I would love to see your favourite's when you complete your collection, I'm always looking for new things to try.
    I will be doing a review on the balm, possibly tomorrow and also another balm as well.
    I honestly don't know why some web stores don't ship to Australia and Indonesia, maybe we are a bit behind or something, but I have noticed stores starting to add Australia to their destinations so hopefully most will in the future. It is very annoying sometimes when there are things you really want to try :/

  7. Yes,i've read the figs & rouge blam review.Thanks:)
    Hmm,maybe because we're miles away from the webstore location?silly guess,I know:D But i've sent drugstore.com e-mail about it,and they only say that they'll fix it,dunno when:/

    Anyway,that organic surge isn't that green,right?They have glycols family in it which some people avoid it.However,i'm 50-50 about glycols.I want to avoid it,but hard to avoid:/ A lot products still using it..

  8. Your welcome :)
    Yes the Organic Surge products aren't the best but my local shops had them out really cheap so I just wanted to give them a try. I'm not sure why I put the cleanser in this favourites list because it's not actually a favourite but it's the best one i've tried this year. As for the moisturiser, it is the only product that actually moisturised my skin properly this past winter, so I was happy to use it.
    I'm still learning about the ingredients in products and I lost my Chemical Maze book recently which makes it harder when buying things.
    I enjoy your comments because you notice ingrediants in things that I actually haven't and I am learning more about ingredients also so thank you :)

  9. I'm dying to try pukka rosewater!!

  10. You should definitely try it, you can use it in food too as it's pure.

  11. Everyone says alcohol is good for oily skin, but I just can like the fact that the toners have alcohol. So I keep drooling when I see the pukka rosewater, because it's one of the few toners that don't have alcohol. Sadly, I can't find it here in Portugal, just some of their teas.

  12. I ordered it from lovelula.com I just checked their website and they ship to Portugal so you could buy it from them :)
    I've heard that but I personally try to avoid anything with alcohol, although I did have great results from witch hazel years ago which had alcohol in it.

  13. Where did you get your Sunspirit Rose Hip Oil from?

  14. I got it from my local health food store, but there is click through link to their website :)