30 Dec 2011


I absolutely love the look of bamboo and wooden item's, something about them just makes my bathroom look so nice and natural :) Recently Bodecare had a 2 for 1 deal on their website so of course I had to buy something. I had been eyeing of the Scalp Massage Brush (centre right) for a while now so I got that and the Natural Face Brush (far right) as a free gift. I also got a suprise when I opened my parcel, a Spa Headband. This was a nice parcel to get right before christmas.

(Left to right) Bodecare Styling Brush, Body Shop Cactus Body Brush, Bodecare Wide Paddle Scalp Massage Brush, Bodecare Natural Face Brush.

Bodecare Terry Towelling Headband

The Styling brush was one of my favourites for 2011 and even though i've only had the other's for about a week, they have quickly become favourite as well.
The styling brush is made from timber with synthetic bristles and is ideal for fine or short hair, neither if which I have but it still works great. $13.75.
The scalp massage brush has a timber handle and timber bristles with ball tips, and this is amazing. The first night I had it I literally brushed my hair the while time I was watching a movie. My arm was sore but it felt so good. $19.90.
The natural face brush is made from timber and goat's hair, and it is silky soft. It is recommended you wash the brush before first use and I would definitely say do it becausehe brush has an odd smell to it before it is washed. $13.75.
The headband is made from terry towelling and has a velcro tab. This is so comfortable to wear as it has a wide band and is soft. $10.50.

The body brush is one I have had for a while now which I got from the body shop. The bristles are made from cactus so it is a really firm body brush. I wouldn't recommend this particular brush for someone just starting out body brushing  as it can be quite irritating if you are not used to it, nor would I recommend it to someone with sensitive skin. Although I have been body brushing for years, I still find this one a bit too hard but it's not unbearable. $22.95.

For someone who is starting out with body brushing I would recommend the Bodecare Flexible Dry Back Brush and the Bodecare Detox Brush, both of the have soft bristles and are ideal for beginners. I would also suggest buying the Tea Tree Spray to clean the brushes with as they need to be cleaned and air dried regularly to remove  dead skin cells and any other buildup.
For something so simple, dry body brushing has amzing benefits. besides feeling good, it leaves you feeling refreshed, removes dead skin cells, soften's your skin, improves circulation, evens out and improves skin toneand texture and is even said to help with cellulite and detoxing. Dry body brushing should always be followed by some form of hydrotherapy like a bath or shower.

The quality of the Bodecare range is outstanding and I would honestly only recommend this brand, in saying that, i'm sure there are other good brands, but I think this brand ticks all the boxes.

When you order you also get a pamphlet that explains how to brush each part of the body, what direction, how many strokes etc. so you don't have to stress about not doing it correctly.

Bodecare can also be bought through Ikigai.


  1. ohhh I have never heard of this brand before, and haven't really thought about sustainable brushes.
    I will have to check them out!

  2. They are great brushes, I won't buy any others :)