14 Sep 2011

rms beauty

When I got my tax back this year I went a little crazy and bought a lot of natural skincare and makeup products. Some of which were the brand rms beauty. I won't be posting photo's of what the products look like on my face at the moment because im detoxing and my skin looks horrible, but when it looks nice again I will.
I absolutely love these products, although while the weather is cold the lip2cheek's are a bit annoying to apply because they are solid, other than that they are great. A list of all the ingrediants is found on the website. The products are organic but not certified I believe, and the only one to contain anything artificial is the lip2cheek in smile which is the colouring.

(L-R) Living Illuminizer, cream eyeshadow in Solar, cream eyeshadow in Magnetic, cream eyeshadow in Seduce and "un" cover-up in 11.
The "un" cover-up doesn't actually look like that once it's rubbed in, I just wanted to show what it looks like.

(L-R) Lip shine in Bloom, lip shine in Moment, lip2cheek in Smile, lip2cheek in Modest and lip2cheek in Muse.
The lip 2 cheeks are lip gloss and blush which is handy and I actually use Muse as an eyeshadow aswell becuase it's such a nice beige/nude colour. 

The entire range can be bought from:

The main ingrediant in all of the products is coconut oil which is sbsolutely amazing for skin so these products are good for my sensitive skin  and the eye shadows do not irritate my eyes at all which is a miracle. 

If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask, I'm always happy to answer any questions :)

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