14 Sep 2011

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

 My hair has been so disgusting lately, dry scalp and dandruff but oily at the same time. So yesterday I applied a a coconut oil treatmnt to my hair and left it in all day then washed it out before bed. When I woke up this morning my hair feels better than ever, and it looks shiny too.

For those of you who have never done it, just melt some coconut oil (organic if possible, and not in a microwave), then apply to dry hair. First rub it into your whole scalp and give it a little massage then apply it to your ends. Don't apply it to your whole hair as it will not wash out properly, then wrap in a warm towel for a few hours, or overnight. You don't have to wrap a towel around our hair if you don't want to, the warmth just helps the oil to penetrate your scalp better.
When it comes time to wash it out, apply shampoo first before water, but if, like me, you forget that bit, just shampoo twice, then condition and Voila! Beautiful shiny soft hair.

I have read somewhere that regularly massaging coconut oil into your hair can help ensure against lice but í'm not sure how accurate that is. I've also heard of people adding a little to wet ends only after shampooing as a leave in treatment but ive personally never done this.

I would suggest doing this weekly if you have a real problem scalp. When my dandruff is bad I also mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil into the coconut oil before i put it in my hair, as rosemary oil is said to be great for dandruff and it seems to help my hair.

Rosemary is said to be good for all hair types and general hair care, even loss of hair.
Lavender is also said to be good for all hair types and general hair care.

I feel that I should mention, I am not a certified herbalist or aromatherapist, this is just things that I have learnt along the way from books and trial and error. Always be careful when using essential oils as reaction may occur. Always try to use organic oils as i've noticed that sometimes non-organic oils smell different and i'm not sure if this changes the effectiveness or not but organic ones smell nicer :)


  1. I love coconut oil, they smells good! <3

  2. Great tip for my scalp! I'll definitely do it.

  3. I love the smell of coconut oil too.

    It is definitely worth trying, I haven't yet come accross anyone who didn't love the results :)