4 Apr 2012

Alima Pure Swatches

Many many months ago I purchased some samples of Alima Pure and completely forgot to do a post on them so I thought I should get onto it.

{Satin Matte Foundations: Neutral 2, Neautral 3, Cool 3}

{Belize Bronzer, Luminous Shimmer Blush: Freja, guava, Plush, Satin Finishing Powder Keiko, Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Dream}

I also got a Satin Matte Foundation in Cool 4 but I have used it so I couldn't swatch it ~_~

The Belize bronzer and Dream eyeshadow were actually free which was nice, I honestly haven't used the bronzer though, i'm a bit scared to think of what I would look like if I even tried haha.

I have used the Freja blush the most, it's a nice soft shade, but the others are nice too. Dream is a good colour for highlighting the eyes.

Neutral 3 and Cool 3 also suited my skin tone with just a tiny bit of difference.


  1. Just found your blog-- love it! Have you tried the new Ilia products yet?

  2. Thank you :) No, not yet, but I am hoping to order some soon.

  3. love your blog! Just started following. I have tried the alima bronzer in mauna loa and loveeeee it! Belize kind of scared me too lol. Did you end up trying it yet? Thoughts? Been looking at the freja blush for a month now and after hearing that you're enjoying it, I might have to pick it up!

  4. Thank you :)

    I actually haven't tried it yet, still haha. I must dig it out of my cupboard and give it a try seeing as I know how to apply it now.