10 Feb 2012

Brushes, Brushes & more Brushes!

I've been on the lookout for other vegan/eco friendly cosmetic brushes lately, I do love the EcoTools ones that have gotten me through for so long now, but I would like to try some other brands so this is what I have found.

Bdellium Green Bambu Brush Set's

This is the 5 piece smokey eye brush set, you can also get a 4 piece foundation set or a 5 piece mineral set. I had never heard of this brand till I read about these brushes on the Pure Makeup blog but I can't find the link to add in. Anywho, These brushes are from the Green Bambu line, so naturally they are made from green bamboo and are antibacterial and I have read nothing but great reviews about this line of brushes.

5 piece smokey eye set $31.09
5 piece mineral set $40.50
4 piece foundation set $40.50

Walk On The Wild Side Vegan Brush Set
10 Brush Walk On The Wild Side Vegan Makeup Brush Set

I absolutley love this set, the colours are so calming and the name is awesome too. I couldn't find any more information on them but they are vegan and the case is faux leather. 


Silk Green Line Brush Set

This set is a 12 piece synthetic brush set, the handles are made from bamboo and they come in a really cool zip up cork case.
It is a little on the pricier side but you do get all the brushes you could possibly need and from what I have read they are great.


Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit
Another set that is on the pricier side, but come on, how cute are these?! They definitely would not suit the theme I have in my room but I cannot get over the awesome colour. Another vegan set, it comes with 12 brushes and the container, which comes apart to make two seperate brush holder cups. Love it. You can also get a Mr.s Bunny travel kit which has 7 brushes and the holder or the Mr. Bunny kit's which are exactly the same but in black.


Wotnot Vegan Makeup Brush Set
This set of 8 brushes looks to me a lot like the EcoTools brushe's but a bit more costly. I do like this set though, it looks basic, has all the essentials and comes in a linen brush pouch.



  1. Want so many of these! I've never seen the blue ones before. I love buying makeup brushes, I practically collect them.

  2. Haha I think if I could afford it I would happily buy them all and have a grand collection too, but for now my EcoTools brush's will do.

  3. I've been looking for new brushes as well.
    So many I want.
    You should check out http://furless.com.au/
    I bought some and they are so soft.

    1. Funny you mention Furless, I was going to add their Mini Bamboo Eco Set to this list but figured i'd added enough already. I only found their website today, have you tried any of their makeup?

  4. I'm not really into make up & brushes but I am attracted by pretty colours :) I like the look of the green & blue brushes

    1. I'm attracted to colours too. I know the WotNot and EcoTools brushes are plain but I like the bamboo handles :)

  5. I have eco tools and love them but have to admit I don't use too much in the way of brushes. But WOW, loving the walk on the wild side brushes!! Think this haul would leave be bankrupt tho lol:)

    1. Oh for sure this would send me broke too, I would have to save for ages to buy them all. The walk on the wild side set is absolutely my favourite from this lot :)

  6. Everyday Minerals has an awesome selection and they are all reasonably priced.I am actually on the market for some new brushes too. They have bamboo handles and are vegan-http://www.everydayminerals.com/store/color/brushes.html

    Brushes are hard for me to buy because they can be costly for a new set, but I think it is worth it if you are getting what you want.

    1. I agree, they end up being worth it if you use them a lot, which I have been using my brushes a fair bit lately.
      I have seen the Everyday Minerals ones and I love them, so simple but they look really nice. I also like the Lily Lolo set with the case, they look nice too.

      It's probably silly that I worry about what brushes look like, but i'm a very visual person and I just cannot justify spending money on something I don't think look's good.

  7. I love brushes, there is nothing better than a good brush! I use Bobbi Brown and I love them! great review! x Marina