21 Feb 2012

Real Purity and Nvey Eco Lipstick Swatches

Today my order from Natural Solutions arrived, which I was really excited about as i've been really getting into lipstick's lately. I ordered a bunch of samples of lipsticks from Honeybee Gardens, Real Purity and Nvey Eco, and also a sample of 100% Pure's Foundation. Two of the samples I ordered were out of stock so they refunded me for those within days which was really good, as most places seem to take a while from experience. Any who, I just wanted to show samples of a few for now, the Real Purity and Nvey Eco one's. These colours are so nice, granted, not all of them are practical for me as I have zero social life, so no where to where them, but I love them all the same.

{L-R: RP Hibiscus, RP Coral Berry, RP Tangerine, RP Grape Sherbet, NE #363}

Real Purity Hibiscus nice frosted pink colour, in the pot it looks barbie pink but on the lips it's sheer  and not so bright. It also seems to have a purplish tint to it from the shimmer, but you can't really tell that much when wearing it.

Real Purity Coral Berry is a full on barbie pink, both in the container and on the lips. It reminds me a lot of the MAC lipsticks and is right on trend for lipcolours that everyone seems to wear these days. I actually like this colour a lot although i'm not sure i'd wear it out. It's highly pigmented, glossy, glides on oh so smoothly and has pretty good staying power, although it did rub off a bit after eating.

Real Purity Tangerine is similar to Hibiscus in that it is sheer and somewhat frosted. I Love the colour of this, a peachy orange melon shade.

 Real Purity Grape Sherbet, again a sheer and frosted colour. In the pot it is a gorgeous Mauve-ish colour, but on the lips it appears a bit lighter, more like a frosted grape colour. This also reminds me of a colour MAC would bring out.

Nvey Eco #363, somewhat similar to RP Tnagerine just more pigmented. This colour in the pot is the most beautiful brick red/orange frosted colour, so nice, whereas on the lips it is slightly more orange. This has fairly good staying power but after eating I was just left with an orange line around the edge of my lips which didn't look so good, but i'm sure would be remedied with a layer of lip liner underneath.

I'm very happy with all these lipsticks. Although some of them aren't practical for everyday, they are beautiful colours and both brands have created amazing formula's as far as how smmothly they apply and how hydrated your lips stay after applying.


  1. I like the look for Hibiscus & Grape Sherbet, I always stick to lip glosses or tints but these do look pretty :)

  2. Hibiscus and Coral Berry would be 2 shades I might want to try. Most of my lippies are in the orangey shade and am getting tired of them... not that I have lots of lipsticks. I don't even use those that I have 'cause like you, I've got Zero social life. :D

    1. I love Coral Berry, I don't know how I would wear it if I bought it though, it's brighter than it appears in the picture. I have been looking for a tangerine lipstick for a while as i've only just started to get into that colour, but sadly these two just weren't what I was looking for. I was hoping for something less sheer, like the Coral berry but orange. x

  3. such pretty colors!


  4. These look so nice applied! I'm going to have to check out this brand now:)

  5. They are definitely worth trying, i'm a fan. x

  6. Oh, I love the real purity grape sherbet, it's so pretty!

  7. I wish you could see the shade in the pot, so gorgeous. once applied it is so muted x

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  10. I really love the tangerine color!