4 Mar 2012

Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick Swatches

These are the other swatches I ordered from bewellstaywell.com, all Honeybee Gardens.

I have grown to love Honeybee Gardens, especially their lipsticks, they have the most creamy texture and amazing colours, and the lipsticks are also very hydrating.

Soft Kiss: I think my attraction to barbie pink lipstick's is becoming dangerously obsessive, none the less, this color is amazing! To me this colour is the girlie version of Karma, I will be buying this for sure.

Valentine:  Another barbie pink but this one has a slightly mauve-ish hint to it. I definitely think I will be purchasing this one also.

Celestial: It's really hard to explain this colour...I guess its a deep champagne type shade with brownish hints.

San Fransisco: Similar to Celestial but with a more mauve-ish hint.

Paradise: This one is a perfect mix of both Celestial and San Fransisco, with brown and mauve hints to it.

Burlesque: I am so dissapointed with how this shade turned out in the photo, the actual shade in real life is one of the most amazing colours I have ever seen in a lippy. It's a deep fuschia type colour, I have to buy this.

Desire: The perfect red. I was unsure when I first opened the pot to this, as it appears really dark, but once applied this colour lightens out, again, the picture doesn't quite do this shade justice. This is the type of colour that would go perfect with winged eyeliner, a loose updo and an LBD.

{T-B, L-R: Soft Kiss, Valentine, Celestial, San Fransisco, Paradise, Burlesque, Desire}

All the colour's are great, but i'm not sure that I would purchase Celestial, San Fransisco or Paradise as they don't really suit me. It's a shame really, the swatch for Paradise on the Honeybee Gardens website looked really promising, but sadly, it looks nothing like that in real life.

Honeybe Gardnes are bringing out 3, maybe 4, new shades soon!!! Aztec, Bombshell, Superstitious and a mystery shade they are unsure of. I can't wait to buy Aztec!


  1. Thanks for swatching these because I've been lemming to see them and plan on ordering samples. I love the barbie pinks too :) & San Francisco I want just for the name. I want Soft Kiss & the last two colours as well.. and they're not crazy expensive like many other natural/organic lipsticks.

    1. Your welcome. I have a feeling I will have an insane amount of lipsticks to get through soon, these are just too nice to say no to :)

  2. Oooo I like the look of these! I totally agree with you re. colours... I love the pinks & the last red tints. Great post!

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