28 Aug 2012

Peaches & Cream

Every time this picture pops up on my Pinterest page I find myself staring at it for ages, I just love the pure, neutral simplicity of this makeup look so I just had to find some products to recreate it naturally.

Firstly, we start with the base which would be none other than my beloved rms beauty "Un"-cover up. To use as a base, I take a small chunk and rub it into the back of my hand to warm it up a bit, then I take a sponge applicator and apply it as I normally would foundation, from the center out. I find this to be the best foundation I have ever come across, it blends perfectly, gives amazing coverage and doesn't become cakey or oily, it just looks great. It truly is a perfect product.

Next comes the eyes. I have chosen the Nvey Eco Organic Creative Eye Color System in 5 because the colors are gorgeous and suit the neutral look well. I think any of the colors would suit the look well but I would personally go with 162 or 168 which are the second and fourth colors as these are the most neutral and just apply all over the lid. 

Next would I would apply a light lashing of Couleur Caramel Mascara for Long Lashes in Brown as it keeps with the minimal look and also because it is the best natural mascara I have come across so far. One coat would be fine. 

I would also add a tiny bit of the white end of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Eye Highlighter Pencil to the lower waterline to brighten up the eyes and a little of the pink end just underneath the lower lashline. This makes the eyes look amazing. 

For blush I've chosen the Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush Classic in Tender as it will give just a hint of peachy flush to the cheeks while still looking natural. I love this type of blush personally as I don't like too much color on my cheeks.

Last but not least, apply a one or two coats of Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Dizzy for that beautiful kiss me color. This is the best match to the color in the picture that I have found and it will give lips that beautiful, luscious, dewy look.

I think this look would be complete with some eyebrow grooming as well, and maybe some subtle highlighting on the brow bone with rms beauty living luminizer or Ilia Beauty Polka Dots & Moonbeams as they are both great, nourishing products. 

I hope you all like these type of post's because I plan on doing more of them in the future and would be happy to find products for anyone looking to recreate a certain look :)


  1. I gifted my Mom some Nvey Eco Organic makeup, she loves that brand. I should try it myself.

    1. They have some amazing colours, the palette above is on my wish list.

  2. That's a great way to pull green beauty products altogether :) looks really nice laid out. What's on your take on Nvey Eco eyeshadows though? Have you tried Kjaer Weis?

    1. I have tried a sample long ago of an Nvey Eco eyeshadow, From what I can remember it was good, but it was before my blogging days and before I was really aware of 'green makeup' so I didn't pay much attention unfortunately.

      I'm yet to try Kjaer Weis, but the products look lovely.