20 Sep 2012

Beauty Tool Kit pt.2

When I emailed Dasha from Green Make-up recently, I also emailed Katey Denno from The Beauty Of It Is and asked if she could also give give me some advice/tips on products to use.

As Katey explained in her reply, I'd caught her at a very busy time so her reply is brief, therefor I will not copy her email but I will share her suggestions.

  • Checkout Spirit Beauty Lounge-she stocks all the best products such as Kjaer Weiss cream cheek colors and Revolution Organics, plus many other brands she uses.
  • Instead of using disposable tools found in many makeup artist's kits, she uses a metal mixing tool to scrape the products from the containers and onto the back of her clean hand or a clean mirror for blending.
  • Katey keeps a good number or lip brushes in her brush roll, remembering who she used which brush on, then uses an SLS-free shampoo to clean them and a natural conditioner to keep them soft. 
  • Katey recommends Vapour Organic Beauty primer, which she states doesn't contain silicon so it differs from usual primers as it doesn't give that perfectly slick feel for foundation to sit on but does keep makeup from sliding off.
Brands Katey has suggested using are: 
  • Tammy Fender, Ila and Dr. Hauschka moisturisers
  • Burt's Bees lip color products
  • Mineral Fusion Concealer
  • Honeybee Gardens nail polish remover and mascara
  • Zuzu liquid eyeliner
Between the information I have received from these two incredible ladies, my kit is going to be filled with the best products.

Thank you Katey.


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you, i'm Clara, i just come across you blog!
    Thanks for this post!
    I didn't know Katey Denno has a blog, i just checked it and it is great!
    I have the Vapour skin perfector ( the primer ), i bought it a few months ago at London store Being Content ( www.beingcontent.com ), after a session with their make up artist...i never used primers before, but i love this one and it has become my staple...it gives such a nice, glowy finish to the skin (even on its own)...and leave the skin soft and hydrated

    1. The primer is a staple in my routine on days I wear makeup also now. Amazing, amazing stuff! I'm jealous you are able to go to places like Being Content, where I live, there is practically nothing like that, just online stores, it's nice to be able to see and test the products before buying them.

  2. Hi Zara!
    That's wonderful from you that you asked even Katey! Thanks for sharing! As I read her reply, I also remembered that I forgot to mention the same as she did-the metal palette for mixing colors/products is amazing! I also use a metal spatula for the products to put them out. And yes, tons of brushes :) I don't remember if I mentioned the Vapour primer. It's great! I knew I forgot something :)
    Have a nice day!

    1. That's ok, between both replies I have received some great information and suggestions. I am dying to buy more brushes, it's kind of annoying having to wash mine constantly as I only have one of each at the moment.