25 Apr 2013

Color trends: Vampy

I have never been a big fan of dark colours, especially on the lips, but I am so in love with this 'Vampy', deep red/berry trend that is everywhere at the moment, and as the weather gets cold, it makes it even easier to pull off. Here are my top natural picks for this Winter...

This has to be my most lusted after color at the moment and is at the top of my 'must have' list. Torrid is described as a 'black orchid' color and I loved the description as much as i love the color...true vampy and absolutely gorgeous.

Described as a Blackcurrant shade, somewhat similar to Torrid but slightly lighter.


I have had my eye on this lipstick since it first came out but as I didn't think i'd have the confidence to pull off the bold lip, I decided to purchase Humble Me instead. This lipstick contains "the sultry shades of berry and burgundy blended together into this deep, rich hue". The description alone is enough to make me want it.

The nail polish version of Torrid, I think this color would suit anyone and would make any outfit look rather luxurious . 

I am yet to try any polish's from Kure Bazaar but this 'Vampy black cherry' is the one for me to start with. Stunning!

For a nice clean line on the eyes or easily smudged to take the vampy look a step further.


  1. Hi Zara!
    Just found your blog. It is really great.:-) I especially appreciate all the swatches. I am a bit of a coward when it comes to much color but I am looking to try some lipstick. :-)

  2. I literally want everything you've posted here and I've especially been eyeing that vapour lipstick! It's beautiful as well as your choice of photos. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

  3. Oh my gosh, what a mysterious sexy look! The model in the first photo just looks gorgeous! I'm dying to get my hands on either the Vapour or Ilia lipsticks you mentioned now.

    Gem x

  4. Looks a-mazing. Love the last look especially xx

  5. i need this color lipstick http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/07/back-from-vacation-and-choies-dress.html

  6. Love the shades, that Vapour lipstick is stunning! x


  7. Ooooh my! What a beautiful colour!!

  8. The perfect look for fall!