11 Jan 2012

Guest Review

I sent a few samples to a friend of mine, Victoria,  who is just making the transition to natural and organic so she could try them out and see the difference.
Here are the samples I sent...

(order of products as listed below)

Firstly, I had a blast experimenting with these products ~ I was literally like a kid on Christmas day when the parcel arrived! I am new to 'natural & organic', therefore I have only just started making the transition. After using most of these products in the last month, I have provided my opinion on what worked & didn't work for me below. (=

~ Kora Organics Tinted Day Cream by Miranda Kerr
I have light sensitive skin, therefore I only use a little bit of Kora Tinted Day Cream as it's darker than my natural skin colour. I've been applying it to my face after putting my usual moisturiser on (as it recommends on the Kora Organics Blog site... However I currently use Dr Lewinn's moisturiser (naughty!), as I haven't yet found a natural moisturiser I like...) to help it blend easier. I do like the little glow it gives me & I don't have to use foundation afterwards. It's also assuring that it has SPF 15+ in it too.

~ RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up
When I wear foundation, I put the 'Un' Cover Up on first, applying & sweeping underneath my eyes & down the side of the bridge of my nose. It's creamy & thick therefore not a lot of it is needed to do the job. I like it because it brightens & 'opens' up my eyes more, making them 'pop', if you like. I find if I put too much of this on however, the excess sits in the creases under my eyes but I think this is due to the hot weather here in Queensland. It does stay put when I use a mineral powder foundation over the top instead of liquid based. Overall, I do like this product because it does cover my dark circles & any red blotches on my face.

~ RMS Beauty Living Illuminiser
A great product! I love using the Illuminiser along my brow line, across the top of my cheek bones & along the bridge of my nose. It doesn't look 'sweaty', instead give you a nice healthy shine & accentuate these features. I definitely will keep this product in stock.

~ RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek 'Muse'
I love this colour! It's very neutral which is what I always usually go for when wearing makeup. Just simple but give a nice shadow - I apply this to my cheeks. It's not empowering to the face but just give a little tint & definition to the cheek bone. I apply the Illuminiser above this to make it stand out a little more (= I'm keen to buy & try out the other Lip 2 Cheek colours RMS Beauty has, as I really like this cream.

~ RMS Beauty 'Magnetic' & 'Seduce'
Again, these two are gorgeous colours; I apply one or the other to my eyelids & despite looking dark in the containers, They are actually a nice medium chocolate brown. 'Magnetic' is a bit of a metallic shimmer when on my eyes whereas 'Seduce' is a lighter, base colour with less shimmer to it. My suggestion would be that 'Magnetic' is good for going out & 'Seduce' for the office/casual day (=.

~ RMS Beauty Lip Shine 'Moment'
This one isn't really going to have a big review on it as I haven't used it enough; for someone who doesn't usually wear colour on her lips (as I have big lips & lip colour just makes them REALLY take over my whole face - 'Oh, there is actually a face behind those lips!')... But it is a nice, neutral colour, I can give it that. I envy women who can wear lip colour, especially the siren red! =/ If there is anyone out there with big lips like me & pull it off, tell me your secret!

~ MSB Eyeshadows 'Mermaid', 'Redcurrant' & 'Persian Pink'
These powder eyeshadows hold very well when applied. I didn't have any problems with any excess powder dropping on my cheeks & when I say 'hold very well' on the eyelids, it really does stay there! It is totally up to you how light or heavy you want the colour to be, I found that 'Persian Pink' applied to the inner - middle of my eyelids & then the 'Redcurrant' applied to the outer of my eyelids a quite nice, fun & refreshing look. I never usually wear other colours than neutral so I stepped out of my comfort zone when trying these eyeshadows. I surprised myself with the pinks as I really liked the colours on my skin, the 'Mermaid' however, didn't suit me =( I have blue eyes & it looked too much on my face. I think it certainly would look great on someone with darker skin & brown eyes.
And below is a makeup look using some of these products aswell as some of her own:

Kora Organics Tinted Day Cream ~ I applied my usual moisturiser on (which isn't featured because it is not a natural product; I am yet to find a moisturiser I like) & then lightly dabbed the Tinted Day Cream over my face for a bit of a glow & sun protection.

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover Up ~ I swept the cream underneath my eyes & down alongside the bridge of my nose for a full coverage & 'light up'.

Couleur Caramel Anti-Red Blotch Cream ~ This is a fantastic product! Despite the colour (green!), you don't need to use much & it DOES blend in to your skin quite well, doing it's job of covering up red blotches & spots. I use it around the outer sides of my nostrils & my chin. I also have red skin on my cheeks but I don't worry too much as I like to have a bit of colour there.

Natural Ground Minerals by Designer Brand (Light Foundation) ~ I discovered this foundation at a reduced price from our local Chemist Warehouse... & I really like it! Organic, it is talc free & has SPF 15+. It doesn't feel heavy & thick on my skin & blends quite nicely. My skin feels smooth with this powder foundation (= I'm not a fan of thick foundation where it completely covers everything... I'm one girl who likes her sunkisses, so this foundation is quite light & suits me perfectly (=.

RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek 'Muse' ~ Used along & blended on my cheek bone to give a bit of shadow.

RMS Beauty Eyeshadow 'Magnetic' ~ I applied this quite lightly on my eyelids to give a natural look. I love the cream eyeshadows that RMS Beauty stocks & when removing makeup at the end of the day, it's easy to wipe off.

Couleur Caramel Eyebrow Pencil, Dark Brown ~ I'm a big fan of neat eyebrows when doing makeup, it makes all the difference. As I have light eyebrows (being naturally mouse brown/blonde), I use this pencil to match my dyed hair colour. The pencil also has an eyebrow brush on the other end for a quick blend & groom.

RMS Beauty Living Illuminiser ~ The Illuminiser was lightly dabbed along the top of my cheekbones, above the 'Muse' cheek colour to give it more 'pop'. I've applied it along my brow line above the eyeshadow.

Couleur Caramel Mascara, Brown & for Long Eyelashes ~ When it comes to clumping Mascara, this is NOT one. When I buy mascara, usually I have to scrape the excess off back in to the bottle but with this gem, I don't & I was literally excited by this! My eyelashes didn't stick together either, it was just wonderful! This will be one of my must have in my makeup bag. The ONLY downside is that depending on what I'm doing through the day, I find that it does drop tiny crumbly bits on to my cheeks. But I had this problem with some other mascaras I have used too.

Essentially Avocado Lip Balm ~ This is actually a new product that's recently been produced in Childers on an Avocado Farm. This lip balm has been made with 100% natural pure avocado oil, beeswax, honey & coconut. It doesn't have any colour, just clear but it really plumps up & moisturise my lips. It doesn't taste bad & I only have to apply it about 2-3 times a day so it does wear well compared to other lip balms I've used.

Thanks Victoria xo


  1. What a good idea! I am happy that your friend had some success and got to try out some good products : )

  2. How lovely of you to send her samples to get her started. I wish more people I knew were eager to do the same.
    Great idea anyway, and she's beautiful :)

  3. Thank you Kourtney :)

    It's the same situation here, so Victoria has become my beauty share buddy haha. She is beautiful, I'm sure she will be happy to read your comment :)

  4. Aww, thank you ladies! & Zara, thank you for sharing the products with me! x