5 Jan 2012

Health Apps

This week I started studying again so until I get back into routine with it all I probably won't be doing so many post's, and I probably won't be doing a health post as yet as my 2 current subjects are really full on (well for me anyway). But I just wanted to share some of my favourite health related iPhone apps for all the people with iPhone's. I'm sure some of these are available on iPad's too but I don't have one yet so
:( so i'm not 100% sure.

Chemical Maze: Complete Edition  $7.49

This is basically the book in app form, which is super handy for me as I seem to have misplaced by beloved book. The picture is a screen shot of the main menu, you can select or deselect chemicals as per dietary requirements, symptoms/ailments, ingrediants derived from certain things, by risk level and by effects on body. You can also choose to look through only food additives or cosmetic ingrediants or both, you can search for the ingrediants you are looking for, and the best part, you can take a photo of the ingrediants list if the writing is too small to see and magnify the list using the built in magnifier.
I would say that this app is  a lot better than the book, not because the book isn't good, but because this is just so much easiert o navigate and search through. This would probably be my favourite health type app, and it is always being updated which is one up on the book again.

Integrated Iridology $2.99

I think that Iridology is amazing, for someone to be able to see so much from looking at one's eye is just incredible. I haven't begun this subject yet but I am so excited that I will get to soon. It is amazing how spot on this app is too, it explains personality types and general health issues that usually come with certain eye colours and eye markings. I have used this app many times, definitely money well spent.

iMantra $0.99

This app is perfect to use first thing in the morning or right before bed. Obviously you can use it any time of the day but I generally use it when I go to bed as it relaxes me so much and help's me have an amazing, peaceful sleep. You can choose what type of Mantra you want from Buddhist to Hindu, Planetary to Krishna Das. I personally only use the Buddhist mantra's as they are the ones that I seem to be attracted to, so to speak. After picking what type, you pick a mantra (second picture shows some of the Buddhist mantra's), I usually use OM Mani Padme Hum, as I learnt that one year's ago and I just love it, but Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is another one I like. Above the mantra's it also explains a bit about each one as you select it if that is what you want to go by. You then pick how many Malas you want to do and how many beads for each Mala. The general is 108 beads per Mala so that is what I go with, it's a good number.  
I love this app so much because it helps motivate me to actually chant which is really good for the soul and I know that once im finished I will feel happier and more relaxed.
You can also record up to 9 of your own mantra's which is pretty cool. And, for those who are worried they won't be able to pronounce the chant's, don't worry, it say's them for you and you just go with it, or you can turn the voice down and just have the music.

Stumble Upon FREE

This one technically isn't a health app but I have found some amazing health and nutrition related articles, as well as naturally beauty articles and websites. I find myself spendinghours on this if I let myself. Plus, you can share the articles you like on facebook or like them, which saves them for later on your account. Stumble upon also adapts to what you do or don't like and searches for or avoids those particular articles. So cool.

Pinterest FREE

Again not a health app, but I also spend a lot of time on this app, and have found so many health related links. Everything from recipes, to exercise, to DIY beauty and anything else you search for. It's definitely my go to for inspiration on lazy day's.

Well that's it for now. I hope this post was useful to someone :)


  1. I'll have to try some of these out.
    I love your new picture, beautiful :)

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