29 Jan 2012

Wish list.

I have a gigantic wishlist, I mean it's ridiculous, so I shortened it down to just a few that I would like to try first. This is all beauty products, I will do another on health products soon.

Lulu Organics Jasmine Hair Powder. I mainly want this because of the packaging but also because I have never used a hair powder before.

Aromatherapy Personals Crave Control.
I wonder if this would help subside my junk food binges!?

I've read great reviews about this and i'm all for antioxidant hits :)

Tsi-La Organic Mini Eau De Parfum Collection. Stunning bottles and i would really like to have a nice organic perfume rather than the unnatural, yet beautiful smelling one I have now.

I seen these a while ago when Bathing Beauty got them in stock and have been wanting to try them for a while. Ilia Beauty Lip Conditioner Pure Lip Care. I think I want to try Shell shock and dizzy, but maybe all 5 :)

Nvey Eco Creative Colour System. I have been wanting this in '5' (not pictured) since they first came out but im not sure if I could fork over that much for eyeshadow.

carry all traveller - magnolia shimmer

Apple and Bee Carry All Traveller in Magnolia. I have been wanting and Apple & Bee bag forever, so I think I will have to buy one before my next trip to QLD.


  1. Of all the products in your wishlist I just know Nvey Eco.

  2. Nice list :) What is hair powder? Is it dry shampoo, or a styling aid?

  3. NaturaliiZ - I am surprised you haven't heard of Intelligent nutrients, I thought they were really popular?

    Susan S - Thank you. From what the website say's, I do believe it is both.

  4. Ooh I'm quite taken by the hair powder and the Nvey Eco eyeshadow is also on my wish list. I'm like you though, not sure I'd spend that much on a product. I could probably do with the crave controller though lol :)

    1. The crave controller is a must for sure :) I am contemplating buying the eyeshadow once I have finished my million other's haha.

  5. I really want the hair powder too! just for the packaging! haha
    The lipsticks look lovely, such pretty colours!

    1. The colours are perfect. Also I just realised yesterday there are 6 colours to the range, not 5 like I thought, and they are all gorgeous. Spirit Beauty Lounge has swatches too.

  6. Intelligent Ingredients, I think, only recently got distributed in Singapore so it's a fairly new brand here. But I've read a couple of other green girls mentioning it. I think I'll give this oil a try... but that's only after I've finished all the untouched oil bottles of MVO and Botani I have in my cupboard :) Don't wanna waste anything unless it really gave my skin a complete disaster.


  7. You can get the Lulu organics Hair powder at www.floraorganica.com.au
    They even have the mini travel size which are super cute!!! I have used it and it works really well and leaves your hair smelling so nice.

  8. I've tried that exact hair powder. Like you, I was so ecstatic to get it in the mail because of the packaging, smell (love Jasmine), and also I don't like wash my hair with shampoo every day. I was not impressed by it at all. It did not replace shampoo in any way, was difficult to apply, not a scent that stands out. Overall, I never used it, but I really liked the packaging.