9 Jan 2012

iHerb Haul

A few weeks ago I placed my first order with Vitacost.com which I was really excited about, as they have products that iherb doesn't, but after a lot of stuffing around, I ended up cancelling the order, the reason being the lack of communication. I was highly dissapointed but I have decided to give them another go in the future. Anywho, I placed an order through iHerb on friday so I was really surprised when I got the order today. These are the products I ordered and also what I will be reviewing in future post's.


Honeybee Gardens:

So happy with this order, I can't wait to start using the Acure Organics products.

Remember, if you've never shopped with iherb before, use the coupon code EYE455 at the checkout for $5 off your first order.


  1. Wow, so many products to try! I'm a big fan of Acure day cream and the Karma lipstick... I hope you will be too!

  2. Yes, I did go a bit overboard but I did need them (well most of them) :)

    I haven't tried any of the Acure products yet, I have a bit left over of my other products.

    As for the Karma lipstick, I absolutely love the colour, it is perfect, but it seems to have some sort of film or coating on it and I can't seem to get the colour to go onto my lips, or hand for that matter. Did you have this issue? The romance lipstick works fine.

    Also thank you, I had been looking for a natural nude lippy for a while, and had never heard of this one till I read it on your blog :)

    I still haven't received my vitacost order, it was meant to arrive on the 4th. Now I'm worried :(
    I look forward to all these reviews :)

  4. Wow..you have such a huge haul!! My latest haul are 100%pure tinted moisturizer and almay pure blend which should be arrived here 3 weeks later.
    And that accure,can't believe you bought so many!A lot of green beauty bloggers have bought accure,i'm so curious to try it my self!;) Oh,can you review that honey bee garden and its compact powder casing?I want to know what the casing inside is..

  5. Fabulous haul! My karma lipstick seemed kind of waxy at first - not sure if that's what you mean? Once the top layer wore off, it worked a lot better. It's still a tad drier than the other HB Gardens lipstick I have (soft kiss), but it works:) Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks Hayley, a lot of people on their facebook page have commented about late order's aswell. I think it would be a lot more reassuring if they let you know what was happening with it.

    Lovely CosMe, I am hoping to try something from 100% Pure at some point, not many people ship here though, 3 weeks is a long time. I certainly will review the compact :)

    Caitie, Thanks, that is exactly what I meant, glad to know it will get better. I did notice that it is a bit more drying that the other one, but I dont mind so much because the colour is perfect :) I was hoping to get Soft Kiss as well, which I saw on your blog but it was out of stock.

  7. Yes,somehow 100%pure isn't easy to get.I mean the whole collection.On 1 web you can get some colors only,they don't carry all colors.

    Nice giveaway btw;)I wanna join but my fb is in hiatus..:s